Achieving financial freedom is a goal for the general people, but many do not achieve it. Making your wallet full does not consist of getting paid at the end of the month and putting it in your wallet. At that time, it is full but when time goes on it begins to drop. Your wallet can be full each and every single time. How does that happen when you have bills to pay, fuel tanks to fill, huge debts to pay and your car to service. The following are elaborated tips to make your pesewa amount to your great wealth.

Set Life Goals

Everybody wants to be free from financial problems, yet, that does not happen in reality. Financial freedom can be achieved by writing down how much you should have in your bank account and also how much you need to work towards achieving that goal and the lifestyle it entails. Then, count backwards the current age and establish financial milepost and regular intervals.

Make a Budget

A budget is an estimation of revenue and expenses over a specified period of time. Budgets could either be monthly, weekly or annually. It is a way to ensure that bills are paid and also savings are on track. It is a monthly routine that reinforces my goals and bolsters resolve against the temptation to surpluge. Personally, I call a budget an income and spending plan.

Pay off Credit in Full

Credit cards and similar high-interest consumer loans are toxic to building wealth. Make it a point to pay off the full balance each month. As a student, mortgages and students’ loans and similar loans, typically, have much lower rates, making them less of an emergency pay off.

Create Automatic Savings

Pay yourself first. Enroll in your employer’s retirement plan and make full use of ant matching contribution benefit.  Make wise decisions to have an automatic withdrawal of cash for an emergency fund that can be tapped for unexpected expenses and automatic contribution brokerage account or similar account. The money I pull out the same day I receive my paycheck does not touch my hands so it avoids temptation entirely.


I am Ghanaian so I love to bargain for prices. I overcome the cultural handicap and so you should also overcome yours so we can save thousands of pesewas each year.  Small businesses, in particular, tend to open bargaining, where buying in bulk or repeat business can open my door to big and good discounts.

Proper Maintenance

You should take good care of your properties from shoes to clothes so that they last longer since the cost of maintance is a fraction of the cost of replacement. It is an investment because money which be used for maintenance can be used to purchase another item or product, which is of the same money value and another importance.


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