Considering how policies, tastes and preferences differ from industry to industry, it will be slightly difficult to rule out what hairstyles are appropriate or inappropriate for you. One thing is certain, though – your hair should be a pleasing sight.

There has been a long and unending debate on whether or not natural hair is appropriate for the corporate world.  This debate stems mainly from the fact that natural hair has a high tendency of being unkempt. However, if you know me personally, you will agree with me that permed hair can also be unkempt, if you allow it to.

The secret to hair troubles is in its presentation.

I am very certain that your job offer will not depend on whether you keep your hair natural or treated/permed. However, maintaining your job may depend on how you keep your permed or natural hair within your workspace.

If you think about it critically, your hair is an extension of you. Seeing how deeply connected your hair follicles are to your blood stream, it is safe to say that being asked to change it for a job is similar to being asked to change something about your body for a job.

In the same vein, knowing that your hair is an extension of your body, you should be very particular about how your hair is presented. Here are a few points on how to ensure that your hair is always whipped into shape for your office.

  1. Know your hair: It is essential to ensure that you have full knowledge of your hair’s characteristics, in order to know how you can manage your hair to maximize growth and the limits (or lack thereof) you have for styles and treatments.
  2. Plan ahead: In addition to knowing your hair, you should never be found wanting, hours before you are expected to report to work. It is necessary to plan ahead, knowing that you may not have the luxury of time to explore all hairstyle options or treatments before work.
  3. Learn 3 hairstyles you can do in less than 5 minutes: In view of point two, it is necessary to have at least three quick-fix hairstyles that you can do under pressure and still have a presentable outcome. There are some hairstyles that can last weeks without needing alteration. Then, there are styles that cannot stay longer than a day without being added to or taken from. Learning different kinds of styles before hand could save you a lot of stress and time.
  4. Never miss your hair appointments: Whether your hair appointment is at the salon with a hairdresser or you are a DIY haircare person, be faithful in setting and meeting hair appointments, in order to keep your hair neat, healthy and presentable at all times.

Hair care does not begin and end with ladies. There are some men who prefer to keep long hair as opposed to short hair. Even for men who keep short hair, a proper presentation of your hair can make all the difference in giving a positive first impression to your clients.

No matter the industry you work in, remember to keep your hair right – it is an extension of you!


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