Fashion has caught on with the corporate world too. No more do they wear the white, black, brown or gray plainly, a little stash of color is added to give the attire a trendy feel. However, in dressing to keep trendy, make sure you do not get caught by the corporate fashion police. Not all outfits, no matter how trendy or stylish, are acceptable in the corporate world. Here are a few tips on how to add style to your corporate wear without ‘soiling’ it.

  1. Do not dress too colourfully to work

Unless you work at a fashion house where all manner of craziness may be accepted, do not combine too many brightly coloured clothes all in the name of keeping trendy. For instance, orange and pink can be combined in clothes now but it is a no-no for work. I don’t think anyone will take you seriously, no matter how amazing the outfit may look. Rather, try combining it with black or brown to keep it corporate yet trendy.

  • “Over-Accessorization”

2021 has come with its own accessories; mostly shiny, but know which ones to wear to work. Imagine how you would feel if everyone has to put on sunglasses before they speak to you because you look too shiny? At the work place, you want your work to stand out, not your jewelry.

  • Leave out the “Rihanna” Hair-dos

 I call it “razor to the side.” That is the hairstyle Rihanna rocked a while back. This kind of hairstyle is okay for people in the entertainment industry, but not in the corporate world. Unless there is a competition for the craziest hairstyle, leave that out of the office for now.

  • Wear Sensible Shoes

By sensible I mean shoes that will make feel you comfortable and smart. Not the ones that make you feel like you walking on coals or rheumatism had a go at your knee. I would recommend pumps; they are comfortable shoes that come in all shapes and sizes and just what you need to look the part as a corporate person.

Make a statement with how you look at work, but only for the right reasons. The way you look can get a lot going for you. With these tips I hope you can work out a whole new corporate you that rocks!


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