Violet Amoabeng, the Founder and CEO of Skin Gourmet, embarked on a remarkable journey that led to the creation of an internationally recognized skincare brand. Her passion for empowering people and her dedication to creating a sustainable and authentic product has shaped the vision of Skin Gourmet. Through a combination of Ghanaian heritage, innovative thinking, and a people-centered approach, Violet has successfully transformed the skincare industry. This article delves into the inspiring story behind Skin Gourmet and explores the company’s mission, values, challenges, and future aspirations.


From Uncertainty to Entrepreneurship

Unlike many individuals who have a clear vision of their future, Violet did not have a predetermined career path. She initially pursued poetry in college but later discovered her interest in business and accounting. Working in the banking industry upon returning to Ghana from abroad, she observed a stark disparity between the capabilities of Ghanaians in foreign countries and the local workforce. Motivated by a desire to bridge this gap and make a positive impact, she sought a way to contribute effectively to her country’s development.


The Birth of Skin Gourmet

In 2014, Violet faced a personal skincare challenge that led her on an unexpected entrepreneurial path. After struggling with a persistent pimple, a friend recommended shea butter as a solution. Amazed by the results, Amoabeng became inspired to create her own skincare product—one that would be uniquely Ghanaian, of the highest quality, and capable of capturing the global market.


With no formal research or market analysis, she invested all the money she had in her bank account—GH₵145 (Ghanaian cedis)—to start Skin Gourmet. Armed with a formulation and packaging made from locally sourced ingredients, she embarked on a journey of faith and determination. Her first employee marked a turning point, as it emphasized the potential to impact the local economy by creating jobs and producing a product that met international standards. Skin Gourmet quickly evolved into a brand specializing in edible skincare, a concept deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture and scalable for global markets.


People-Centric Approach and Development

Amoabeng’s people-centered philosophy drives the core mission of Skin Gourmet: “developing people, one jar at a time.” This vision extends throughout the brand’s value chain, from sourcing ingredients in local communities to manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and export. By creating jobs and promoting economic growth, Skin Gourmet aims to uplift individuals and communities while providing customers with a product that not only enhances their well-being but also connects them to Ghanaian culture.


Navigating Challenges and Building Systems

Throughout her journey, she faced various obstacles that tested her resilience and determination. One of the crucial lessons she learned was the importance of building strong systems within her company. Initially driven by the desire to hire as many people as possible, she realized the need to strike a balance between job creation and maintaining profitability. This realization prompted her to reassess her approach and focus on developing effective systems and processes that would ensure the company’s sustainable growth.


Authenticity and Quality Assurance

Skin Gourmet places a strong emphasis on authenticity and quality assurance. By sourcing ingredients locally and adhering to traditional preservation methods, the brand ensures its products remain free from additives and preservatives. Through collaborations with regulatory bodies like the FDA, GSA, and EU safety assessments, Skin Gourmet has enhanced its authenticity, consistency, and quality for both local and international markets.


Lessons Learned and Advice for Entrepreneurs

Amoabeng highlights the significance of learning from others, being humble, and adapting to a dynamic environment. She urges entrepreneurs to focus on their vision, mission, and the positive impact their businesses can have on society. Emphasizing the importance of a strong foundation, Violet encourages entrepreneurs to embrace a slow and steady growth approach, building systems, reflecting on failures, and continuously learning from their experiences.


Gender Equality and Empowering Women

Violet acknowledges the advantages she has experienced as a woman entrepreneur, especially in the current landscape where opportunities for women are expanding. She believes that women have access to grants, learning programs, and support networks that can propel them towards success. Thus, she encourages women to seize these opportunities, educate themselves, and foster motivation within themselves to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.


Future Aspirations

Skin Gourmet’s long-term goal is to become a global leader in sustainable skincare that empowers individuals. With a presence in 25 countries, the brand aims to expand further and establish a sustainable business model that will continue to drive economic growth and job creation in Ghana. Additionally, Skin Gourmet seeks to inspire other skincare brands to prioritize authentic, high-quality ingredients and adopt a customer-centric approach.



Violet Amoabeng’s remarkable journey exemplifies the power of resilience, innovation, and a people-centered mindset. Through Skin Gourmet, she has not only created a successful business but also transformed the skincare industry by championing authenticity, sustainability, and societal impact. As Skin Gourmet continues to grow and expand, it serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a beacon of hope for those seeking to make a positive change in their communities.