When you think about wellness, do you think only about your body?

Many things affect wellness, and wellness is much more than just being in a state of absence of sickness. Struggles in one aspect of wellness can affect other aspects. For example, your finances might affect how you feel you can succeed socially. Or your work may suffer if your mind is not challenged. Either way, it impacts your ability to create wealth, grow wealth, protect your wealth, or sustain it beyond you.

Wealth is a state of being rich and not lacking or being deficient in anyway. Being rich is not only about finances. It is about possessing all the things you need in life and the hereafter, which makes a comfortable, stress-free and fulfilled living, knowing at the point of death that you have your back covered.

There is a direct correlation between wellness and wealth. Wealth is the outcome of being in a state of total or complete wellness. It is the aspiration of every individual to have an abundance of all that life has to offer without pain or loss. Wealth management is the process of ensuing total and complete wellness.

United Wealth has created that unique methodology, which it applies to assess the total wellbeing of the individual, to identify his/her present state of wellbeing, and to prescribe solutions that will enhance total and complete wellbeing.

It is believed that there are eight aspects to your wellness; the body, mind, environment, spirit, community, emotions, finances, and work:

Your Body, or Physical Wellness is about taking care of your body by engaging in physical activity, healthy foods, and sleep. Your health plan should aim at preventing you from falling sick, not getting you a cure when you are sick.

Your Mind, or Intellectual Wellness is about challenging your mind to new ideas, recognising your creative abilities, and finding ways to expand your knowledge and skills. A lifelong learning lifestyle through continuous professional development will keep you stimulated and results driven.

Your Emotions, or Emotional Wellness is about understanding yourself and others, how you handle life’s challenges, and having satisfying relationships. This drives your interpersonal relationships and boosts your acceptance.

Your Work, or Occupational Wellness is about getting personal fulfilment from your chosen field of work or specialisation by finding ways to grow your skills and talents and being satisfied and enriched at work and school. Your career plan should be well thought-out and periodically evaluated

Your Finances, or Financial Wellness is about taking control of your financial life by understanding your money situation, being disciplined in your spending and forwardlooking in your planning.

Your Environment or Environmental Wellness is about being responsible for and contributing to keeping a safe, cleaner and purer habitat by promoting a greener earth, purer air, safer water, and cleaner soil. Always remember that when the last tree dies and the last fish dies, the last man dies too.

Your Community or Social wellness is about establishing and maintaining positive relationships with family and friends. Create a strong sense of belonging and have a good support system.

Your Spirit or Spiritual Wellness is about establishing peace and harmony in your life by finding a balance between your value systems and the social systems around you, recognising the existence of a supreme being and your call. Expanding your sense of purpose and finding meaning in life will help fulfill that.

UNITED WEALTH LIMITED’s “Total Wellness & Wealth Packages” ensures that an individual is covered in almost every area of his/her life. This package includes

MyHealth Plan by Nationwide Medical Insurance to take care of your physical wellbeing

MyOwnPension Plan by United Pension Trustees to take care of your retirement and financial wellbeing

• My Family Welfare Plan by Vanguard Life Assurance to take care of your social and community wellbeing

• United Funeral Trust by Vanguard Life Assurance to take care of your social and community wellbeing

• MyHome Plan by Premium Realty to take care of your shelter and social wellbeing

• MyMoney Plan by Nkosuo Microfinance to take care of your financial security

 • MyAssets Plan by Vanguard Assurance Limited which preserves the value in your assets, protecting them from loss and offering financial wellness.

• MyHeritage Plan by United Pension Trustees which plans your estate and ensures your legacy outlives you.

United Wealth is your partner of choice for improving the quality of life of your employees. We work with you to create those unique employee value proposition that will make you the employer of choice. Reach out through info@unitedwealthgh. com or call +233 20 1823991/43.

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