Ghana’s manufacturing industry is experiencing remarkable growth, contributing approximately 25.3% of the nation’s total GDP. With an annual rise in industrial production of 7.8%, Ghana proudly stands as the 38th fastest-growing industrial producer globally, thanks to the government’s focused industrialization policies.

The surge in the manufacturing sector can be attributed to the flourishing agro-processing and local production activities. While cocoa processing remains a significant contributor, the agro-processing industry in Ghana is still considered to be in its early stages of development (Sutton & Kpentey, 2012). The sector is comprised of numerous micro, small, and medium-scale enterprises engaged in gari processing, fish smoking, flour making, nut and palm oil processing, as well as fruit and juice processing. Initially relying on simple, locally manufactured technology, these artisanal processing activities have gradually transitioned from traditional to semi-mechanized and eventually to fully mechanized methods.

Ghana also boasts a robust consumer and industrial products and services sector, catering to the nation’s economy and the wider West African sub-region. This sector is poised for substantial growth in the coming years, supported by new governmental policies aimed at fostering an enabling environment, particularly focused on manufacturing and exports.

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