Every year, millions of young professionals all over the world move away from home to different countries in search of their dream career. For many, this is an opportunity to explore an entirely different terrain and a manifestation of their dreams. Algiers attracts thousands of foreign professionals seeking opportunities and adventure every year.

Algiers is Algeria’s capital city and the heart of its economy. The city is opened to foreign expertise in various fields. Thus, finding a job there should not be complicated at all. The city of Algiers (Al-Jazaïr) is a rare beauty filled with the kind of architecture that can only exist in one’s fantasies: Extremely elegant apartments, monuments and public buildings, and Islamic buildings that will make you dream in ancient times.

Here are few things to guide you on your journey, if you are considering a job in Algiers:

  • Multiple Application Channels: As most of the companies in Algiers hire through recruitment agencies, it will serve you better to start your Job search journey on the internet. Do well to constantly check out job websites and professional social networking platforms such as LinkedIn. Take the time to search for a list of companies operating across the city. Foreign chambers of commerce in Algiers can help you in this process. Consider sending spontaneous job applications to these companies and getting in touch with them personally.
  • Visa and Work Permit: Expatriates who want to work in Algiers are required to apply for a single document – the Work Visa. This gives you the right to employment and residency. Before you put in a visa application, you should have already secured employment in the city. Your application must be submitted along with your employment contract to the employment inspectorate services of your local wilayah (province or state). Once you receive an approval, you can proceed to apply for a work visa through your local embassy or consulate in your home country. Visas for working in Algiers are temporary, and will need to be renewed upon expiry.
  • Income Tax System: All working residents in Algiers are required by law to pay an income tax on their earnings, this includes all foreigners and expatriates. However, foreigners and expatriates are only required to pay income tax at Algerian rates on your worldwide income, if you are considered a resident of the country for tax purposes. This applies to people who have lived and worked in Algiers for more than 183 days in the fiscal year. Residents, who have lived in the city for less than 183 days in the fiscal year, do not qualify as a “resident for tax purposes” and as a result, would only pay income tax at Algerian rates on income earned whilst working in Algiers. Algeria has a progressive income taxation system (just like any country), the amount of income tax a resident is required to pay is determined by their total earnings for the fiscal year. The income tax rates for expatriates living and working in Algiers as of 2015 are as follows:

– Up to 120,000 DZD — 0%

 – From 120,001 to 360,000 DZD — 20%

– From 360,001 to 1,440,000 DZD — 30%

 – Over 1,440,000 DZD — 35%

  • Working Hours: The approved working week in Algiers, like in many other countries, consists of 40 working hours. Ordinarily, work will start at 8:00 AM and end around 4.30 PM. Banks close around 3 pm, while public service organisations are open till 6:00 PM.
  • Transportation in Algiers: When you finally settle in Algiers, you would have to get around the city, whether to get to your office, meet people, go shopping, or essentially tour around town. This city has a very well organised transportation system with options of trains, metro, taxis, ferries etc. Moving from one place to another is pretty easy; you only need to choose an option that best suits you.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to landing your dream job or beginning your dream career in Algiers. Through the professional eye, Algiers looks like a great option for adventure, exploration and advancing your career!

By: Delis Williams


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