RoseMina A. Baako is the founder of SheBar; an all-female bartending team. She has built an Exquisite Cocktail Catering Service in Ghana that caters to reputable hotels, restaurants, and other establishments, both locally and internationally. With professional experience in the hospitality industry for over 14 years, RoseMina has achieved a high standard of excellence that SheBar exhibits in its service. She serves as the creative lead at SheBar Gh, with a focus on providing the ultimate cocktail experience for every event they cater for.

SheBar was birthed out of a favour RoseMina did for a friend. She assisted him in procurement of drinks for an event, and did an amazing job at it. Even more, she felt a higher sense of fulfillment than she did whenever she did something else. From her very first event execution, she had about a thousand ideas to incorporate into the business. It was at this point that she realized; this may be the solution she needed – the next step in her career.

Prior to this, she had professional experience in tending to a bar and working a full-time job. Becoming a new mother, her previous job’s working hours were no longer favorable, and she needed to find a more efficient way to work and have enough time to raise her son. As the adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Rosemina invented a solution that did not only solve a difficult problem, but sparked a passion in her that she did not know existed. SheBar was birthed in 2017 and has successfully served 100+ events since.

Though her career journey has been a challenging one, it has also been educative and fun. RoseMina is a believer in honing in on one’s expertise and this has been evident in how she has dedicated her days and nights to the art of Cocktail Creation and its associated experiences.

For someone who started as a bartender, and rising through the ranks to be an outlet manager, it is an admirable feat, creating an all-female bartending team. Passion, personality, and sustainability are three of the key factors that inspired decisions she made to grow SheBar.

SheBar’s differentiating factor in the cocktail business industry is their unparalleled understanding of creating spectacular events, leaving guests breathless each time. They do not focus on just providing drinks, but they look beyond their bar, at how their clients are enjoying the gathering and how they can contribute to the entire success of the night. SheBar is a business thriving in a male-dominant industry, and has inspired great change in the way people see the cocktail production industry. In spite of this, one main challenge that SheBar faced in starting out was the challenge of getting staff (all females) to understand that bartending is not a gender-specific job role. This hurdle is one that the business has successfully jumped over, having successfully operated in the market for a while.

The business’ next phase is one that will involve some form of additional service offering in the form of entertainment for events, and product bottles that can be enjoyed outside of an event setting.

As a female leader, RoseMina has placed a high value on relationships throughout SheBar’s event journey and through such key relationships, the business has experienced great success. People are at the centre of her business, and SheBar has thrived on the wings of
glowing recommendations.

Beyond SheBar, Rosemina shares her love for mixology through educational bartending classes for individuals who want to start a career in Cocktail catering, as well as team building sessions for companies.

Hands-On leadership, by way of setting a good example, being patient with her team, and giving them the best form of training to deliver stellar services. She also puts her effort in delegation, in order to fully mange the scope of work required in leading such a robust team.

The SheBar story is one of innovation, resilience and charting new paths in an existing industry; one that inspires us all to do and be whatever we work towards, for personal and professional fulfilment.