The event world keeps evolving and there are constant global changes that cause us to change how our celebrations and events are held. Be it in person, virtual or semi virtual, there is an essential aspect that cannot be overlooked – the human resource.

People are what make an event happen. In any line of work, business cannot function without people as such, when it comes to the event industry, hiring event staff is a critical creative job. The kind of people hired to contribute to event planning, décor & coordination will tell on the kind of outcome you get.

Whether staff are casual, permanent, temporary or fixed- term, they all need to have proper contracts, understand HR policies and procedures relating to their employment, health and safety, and get paid on time. Volunteers must be treated equally alongside paid staff and must have access to the same treatment, from: induction, assessment, training, etc.

Most event businesses have a few permanent staff, especially if they are running a lean organization. It is the role of permanent staff to handle the daily running of activities, sales, vendor and client management services.

Temporary staff are hired for a short period, based on the intensity of productions that are to take place. The hire period varies from 2 weeks to over a month. After their short contract ends, they get re-hired as and when they are needed.

Some events establishments receive frequent internship applications and offer individuals the opportunity to learn. Based on their performance, good attitude to work and other factors, these interns may then be retained and may rise up the ranks to be temporary staff and then occasionally to permanent staff. Giving your organisation a “friendly face” allows staff to feel comfortable to share their needs, feedback and thoughts after
each project, You can have this done in three simple ways:

1. Provide insurance to make staff feel safe and taken care off
2. Pay salaries promptly
3. Allow all team members to give feedback

Businesses thrive on sustainability and long service of staff members who understand the core values on which the business is built. In the event industry, just as in any other, being passionate about your business means being passionate about your people.

Adwoa Bonsu,
Event Consultant
Rachelle Events



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