If you have ever studied the science of cross pollination you would realize that, plants which use this mechanism to reproduce need certain agents to achieve this goal.  Plants which use agents that are mostly birds and insects have certain features; they are often colorful, sweet scented and sometimes contain nectar in other to attract the birds and insects. When the birds and insects settle on the plants and feed on them, they carry pollen on to the next plant; fertilization takes place, leading to reproduction. If you are to explain this in the language of marketing, you would say the pollen has gone viral.

The days of word of mouth where products or services depended on a buyer telling others about it has long been replaced with Electronic word of mouth (EWOM); everything has become a click away. In recent times, so many things have gone viral. From Vikileaks to “who said tweaa?”, the internet has been swarmed with lots of “interesting stuff.”

Marketers on the other hand have used the “ready to click and share” craze that seems to have caught up with everybody to create innovative and interesting messages to attract attention to their brands. Internationally, you can talk about the Dove “real beauty sketches”, or the Oreo “you can still dunk in the dark” tweet. In Ghana, you can talk about the Pomo Rice television ad (19,859) views, the Cargo Dance advert (214, 660) views, the Kasapa free night/wrong number commercial (22, 462) views, and the Vodafone “One Ghana for your pocket ad” (17,207) views all on YouTube.

However, making a good ad campaign does not always mean it will go viral. There has to be some elements that tick the fancy of your audience. From the analogy of cross pollination, you realize that present are the elements of attractiveness and interest. The attractiveness that caught the eye of the bird or in this case, the audience and the element of interest that made the audience want to watch and share with others.

If making a good ad will not guarantee its virality then what would? Here are some clues that will make your digital content spread like butter:

Be crazy with your ad

Have you seen the Vodafone “one Ghana for your pocket” ad? You notice how the fat man came out of the bathroom with just his towel on, dancing to an azonto beat with his big stomach? That is the stuff most popular viral ads are made of.

Think of emerging trends

Azonto is one of the most trendy dance routines of our time. Blending trendy dance moves with an advert is sure to get your audience clicking on the share button faster. Fiesta condom used this trend and it has caught up well with people especially the youth. Their Facebook page has 10,597 likes within a year of their emergence on the market.

Use catchy sound bites

Back to the Vodafone advert, the sound bite used was already a danceable tune. The message of the advert synced perfectly with the song. Anytime I hear the one Ghana for your pocket song, I remember the fat man, his belly and the advert I saw him in.

Have a story line

The thing which  sent me going “wow” and “awww” the first time I watched that Gino advert was the way it began and ended. Within a space of 49 seconds, the ad had captured a family’s emotional time leaving audience spell bound. This kind of emotional ad is definitely worth sharing.

Put together a marketing plan

 The last thing you would want to do is to rely on luck after putting in all that effort. Don’t think “what if it flops?” It is better to do the craziest thing than do nothing at all. Put down your list of actions and how you plan on executing them.

Now that the mystery has finally been unveiled I hope you can create an ad that will get thousands if not millions, clicking the share button.



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