No one can tell you what to do with your face when you are going to work but honestly, your mirror should. If it does not, then the incredulous looks and side glances should speak volumes. Again, if those are not loud enough for you, this article should do the trick.

Ladies, we understand the inherent need for a visageslayage, but your corporate environment and colleagues may not need to be slay-slapped daily. Do not misunderstand me, though – you are allowed to look your best and give yourself a nice facelift/ face beat.

In fact, you are allowed to put effort into how you look when going to work. This may or may not involve putting on make-up, based on your personal preferences. Whichever way, be sure to keep it light, simple and sweet because everyone loves to look at things that are pleasant to the eye.

We will just highlight the MAJOR dos and don’ts of make up in the corporate world.

There are some basic things that ladies need to do to ensure that they are looking pleasant to the eye. For starters…

  1. The most important thing to be particular about is good skin. You need to be intentional about your diet and the kinds of oils you take in, etc., especially because of the effect they have on your skin. Additionally, everyone needs to know and understand their skin type and the kinds of products that will work best for them. Your skin may be dry, oily or a combination of both types. Knowing this will teach you how to manage your day’s make up.
  • Knowing the kinds of cream or lotion that can work for your face is very important. The PH balance of some creams can be harmful to your skin, so check that out before usage. Whether or not you intend to apply make up, you should keep your face well oiled (if you have dry skin) and suitably balanced (if you have oily skin). Having an evenly creamed face could give you an uplift and prevent the need for excessive additions.
  • Having neat eyebrows that frame your face is a very basic key to having a presentable appearance at all times. You can have your eyebrows nicely shaped to prevent the need to highlight them on a daily basis. Not everyone is good with highlighting and it could be an unnecessary addition and a total waste of your time.

These three tips will work perfectly for your daily slayage so that you can quickly get to work. However, if there is an insistent need to go all out, here are some tips that could help you stay as minimalist as possible. The goal is to be classy and stylish in your corporate world and not looking flamboyant!

  • First things first: primer is very important. Some makeup powders have chemicals that may be harmful to the face or skin. For this reason, giving a protective covering before applying anything will help prevent unwanted reactions to the face.
  • Excessive makeup techniques such as strobing, contouring, and highlighting should be avoided –  the work environment demands simplicity and not complexity.
  • A simple press powder will have you covered at work. However, if you strongly believe you have bad skin, using a concealer will hide all unwanted surfaces. But in the spirit of minimalism, a simple press powder or foundation will do.
  • If you are feeling motivated and are considering eye shadow, please stick to neutral colours. Bright colours are very distracting and unnecessarily loud for the corporate environment.
  • Flee from applying glitter. Glitter is not for the corporate world and will not work well for you. It is a huge no-no, and we cannot over-emphasise this.
  • Your make-up should stand the test of time! Retouching your look every now and then will be a waste of your time and energy. Do it once and do it well enough to last the entire day.
  • Your make-up has to be low maintenance and easy enough to put on in 10 minutes or less as opposed to spending over 30 minutes on your face. Instead, you can spend the extra 20 minutes sleeping.
  • Your make up should NOT be distracting. You want people to listen to what you are saying without being mesmerized by your very shiny or hot pink lip-gloss. Neither do you want your eyes to be as loud as a sign board in front of prospective clients.

The conclusion of the matter is this: there are ways to have a breathtaking look without running a circus of colours!


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