Usually, when you are told to take the right steps, ultimately, you are being told not to make any mistakes. Lately, we have received carious lectures on how it is “OK” to make mistakes. In fact, it says, “fail forward.”

Career development, personal growth and job progression have proven to be a herculean task and for those who have gotten it wrong, It is indeed heartbreaking. For some people, they are not where they would have loved to be, career-wise: Call it a failed educational system, but do not know where to go from there.

It is necessary, with the help of your manager or HR practitioner, to chart a course or develop a career path. This will involve understanding what knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and experience are required for you to progress your career laterally, or through access to promotions and / or departmental transfers.

To retain and engage employees, the business must also provide the avenue to encourage career development including dual career ladders, job redesign, job rotations, lateral career paths, upward and dialed-down career paths, consulting and contingent work opportunities.

In this edition of the HR Focus magazine, four (4) HR managers discuss the theme, “Career Pathing: The Trajectory.” From the web, we reveal four (4) unique personalities that you should meet. We also bring you exciting articles, and answer your questions in your favorite “Questions Hitting HR” Sections.

The HR Mélange is spiced to bring you practical ideas on your health, finances, diet, and the Corporate Me Column, where you are encouraged to “Whip Up you Hair.”

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