Social media, in recent times, has taken over our mode of information. Years back, television and radio fed the populace with news, and every individual had to be with a radio set or be by a television set to know happenings in the society. Social media now plays a major role in communication.

 News, trends, videos, pictures, and just about anything else can go “viral” in a matter of seconds. It is very easy to get carried away with the attention and interactions that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide, eating up your whole 24 hours.

Social media and its numerous platforms have at least one individual signed up to one or more platforms, which comes with its own addictions and disadvantages, but in this article, we will look at the positives.

Craig’s new office is just like any other persons, but his office allows him do a lot of things for his company and himself. Let us check out five great advantages that Craig wins for the company at large and for himself, being a Social Media Manager.

Worldwide Connectivity

Social media actually does the easiest and fastest search and connects you to a larger virtual world. No matter whom Craig wants to reach; either a client, an old friend, or a prospective client, social media is always at his rescue. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram and Pinterest helps his company to get and give product and service referrals, they also meet up with people of similar ideas and share career advice. Craig gets to sell his company to the larger world.

Commonality of interests

Social media is a great way to meet entirely new people with different attitudes, behaviours and personalities. Pinterest is one fun social platform where one can share tips and ideas; learn and share DIY (do it yourself) activities.

Craig selects who to associate with, depending on his interest. Assuming he wants to be in a group with fashion designers and he is added to an IT group, he would opt out since their discussions would not directly benefit him or the company he works for.

Targeted advertising

Although social media can be used to spread a company’s message for free, Craig uses the fee-based advertising options that are available. One of the best aspects of social networking is the ability to deliver your content to specific users with a high potential interest in your product or service. Each social platform offers an array of tools that enable a business to deliver specific content to a very specific target group.  Craig’s company deals with fashion, hence, targeting people with a non-fashion sense would end up not selling their brand on social media. This approach can maximize targeted reach while minimizing waste.

Employee profiling and selection

According to a research conducted by Global Digital, there are 2.80 billion social media users with 37% penetration worldwide. Almost everyone has a social media account and it really shows who they are and how they live their lives. Most employers use this to their own advantage to prescreen applicants before they are employed. Craig uses social media to select and profile employees in his company before they are employed.

There have been talks about the addictive nature of social media despite its numerous advantages. For this, Craig uses the “FOCUS” strategy to help him overcome his addictions.

F- Find time for the most relevant pages you have on social media; your work pages and your personal pages

O- Only follow people you are sure would bring productivity to your page or you would learn something from.

C- Create a plan for your posts

U- Use lists and filters and schedule your posts

S- Set a timer; decide on the number of hours to be behind your laptop, phone or tablet.

Employ the above strategies and you will definitely become a social media pro just like Craig.

Written By: Portia Neequaye


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