The continuous rise of unemployment in Africa has caused many graduates to move from one company to another with their certificates in hand, in search of jobs. As if searching for employment is not stressful enough, job seekers now have to worry about their safety due to the emergence of fraudulent and morally corrupt people who pose as employers and “middle men” to big companies.

On 29th April, 2021, Hiny Umoren, a Nigerian job seeker, was murdered by a man who posed as an employer; he offered her a job and then invited her over for an interview at a secluded location where he took her life. This news shook Nigeria and the entire Twitter community to its core. The need to take safety precautions while seeking employment finally dawned on everyone, especially job seekers. Below are a few safety precautions to take when searching for a job:


Do an extensive research on the company whose job vacancy you have applied to fill. Visit the company’s website and search for pictures of the Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors and certain key members of staff to enable you identify them easily when you meet them during the interview process. You should proceed with caution when the people you see on the company’s website are not the same people you meet during your interview sessions


Most people found out that the job they planned on applying for was a scam, by inquiring about the job from other people. You should always ask questions about any job advertisement you intend to apply for. This does not mean that you should tell everyone about your plans of applying for a job at a specific company, instead, you can ask a friend or a relative who works there or someone you know who keeps up with the happenings of that company about the job vacancy. Such people are in the position to know whether the job advertisement is real or not.


When invited for an interview, always make sure you know the exact location of the organization. Visit the organization prior to the day of the interview.  Not only will this save you the stress of finding the place on the day of the interview but you will also be able to ascertain whether the organization is real or not.


Do not forget to send your family and friends your location on the day of the interview. This will enable them track you as you journey to the venue of the interview and back. If anything should happen to you on your way there or at the location of the interview, they will immediately notice and take the necessary measures.


Treat jobs where you are asked to pay money before your application is processed or looked at by HR, with extra caution. People have reported situations where they have paid such monies and never heard from these “recruiters” again. Also, be careful of “middle men” who promise to find you employment in top government agencies and multi-national companies if you pay them large sums of money. Most of these people are fraudulent thieves who want to steal your hard-earned money. It is very important to take safety precautions in your search for employment. Remember, not everyone out there is as genuine as they seem.


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