Creating a Unique, Impressive Workspace

What does your office say about your business? Surely, this article will provide you with some tips for remodeling your office to create an inspiring and a unique workspace that will electrify your employees and impress your clients. However, specifics may vary from business to business; here are some helpful and important guidelines from which we all can benefit. A professionally remodeled office can increase the value of your business dramatically, and not just in terms of equity. Your office makes an impression, but its impact – positive or negative – is up to you. When your employees show up for work, do they see a dry, boring workspace filled with gray walls and cubicles? Or do they see bright walls and open workspace that inspire creativity and engagement? The design of your office can literally be the difference between a highly productive workforce that enjoys coming to work and a group of people who show up and do what they need to do to get by.

Now take a moment and think about what your prospective clients see when they walk in the door. What is their first impression? Do they see a business that scraped together some desks and chairs? Or do they see a business that puts time into their workspace and their employees to create an office environment that stimulates growth? Remodeling your office could be just what you need to turn things around. A professional office designer will work with you to assess your entire office and then provide you with a design that makes everything flow perfectly. But first you need to decide on what’s right for you and your employees. Here are some design
features that you should consider:

Color Schemes
All too often, offices are just boring spaces with neutral furniture and neutral walls. There is nothing about neutral decor that sparks creativity! Adding contrasting colors to your office, whether they are in the form of a few cleverly placed brightly colored chairs or eye-popping accent walls, will add some life to your office space. Contrast can be very powerful. It can be used to break up a large space or draw attention. Contrasting colors can be bold, or they can be soft and subtle. It all depends on how you use them. Solid colors can also create different feelings in people. For instance, light yellow is said to stimulate intellect and encourage communication, while dark blue represents knowledge, power and integrity. Mono-chromatic color schemes can also be used to create a different sense in your office
environment. They impart a sophisticated feel with a look of uniformity. Plus, if you use the same base color for all the walls, the rooms will flow together as one.

Furniture and Lighting
Believe it or not, furniture and lighting are two of the most important aspects of office design. Quality office lighting is a necessity. Studies have shown that light can impact people in many ways: physically and psychologically. Poor lighting can negatively affect overall performance – especially in the workplace. Office lighting should accomplish more than just the task of providing light. It should be controllable at all times, energy efficient, maintainable, well-integrated, cost efficient and accommodating to any project.

Office furniture can truly be the difference between great productivity and just getting it done. Think about it. Sitting in the same chair for 8-10 hours can be oppressive if that chair is uncomfortable. Ergonomics are important to your health especially if you plan to sit at your desk for long periods of time. Also, try choosing natural materials as much as possible including wooden desks, floors, shelving, filing cabinets and tables. Not only is this better for the environment, it also creates a warm, inviting feeling in your office.

Use these ideas to create a plan for remodeling your office. Remember – a unique workspace will electrify your employees and impress prospective clients.

Written by: Beaula B. Lamptey
Prodesign Ltd


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