Anyone who wants to be taken seriously needs to dress the part. With this in mind, there are some general tips that can guide your efforts towards decent appearance in the workplace. This article will lay out some helpful tidbits and if you put them into practice, your dressing could pave the way for interesting prospects in the office!

There is a school of thought that says: the way you look plays a role in your success in the modern workplace. This can be buttressed by scientific facts which shows that your dressing has a direct relationship with your demeanor. Think about it – have you ever seen a recluse or sulking teenager who’s dressed in a sharp shirt and tie or skirt suit?

One way to get the best out of yourself is to wear the best form of yourself! Consider the following as rules every professional should follow!


There may not be much variety in the corporate world as there will be in the entertainment world but even in professional spaces, there are some generally acceptable things you can try:

  • Know your industry: Your industry determines whether or not you can wear shorts, cut-offs or neither. Your company may have a dress code that you can follow.
  • Wear glasses that fit: If your glasses keep sliding down your nose, you will have the tendency to look sloppy.
  • Wear well-kept, polished shoes: It may be the first thing someone sees on you, or it may be the last. One thing is for sure – a good shoe always leaves a lasting impression. Make it a good one.
  • Be mindful of colour choices: Dark colours are known to usually convey a stronger impression than lighter ones and rich colours express more authority. Flashy clothes can be distracting and are the visual equivalent of shouting. For this reason, you need to be careful of neon colours.

For Women:

Some women feel the need to make a huge statement with what they wear or how they smell. In addition to the adage “less is more,” it is noteworthy that you would not want to put off anyone before they get the chance to be marveled at what you have to offer as a professional.

  • ‘Sexy’ is not the goal: When it comes to clothing for the office, the point is not to be sexy. That will not only be distracting, but may also give a wrong impression. Avoid too-short hemlines, too-tall heels, plunging necklines and exposed under garments. You could end up discrediting yourself by looking too provocative.
  • Get regular pedicures: If you’re going to show your toes, make sure your toes are well-groomed. Some people have weird reactions to feet – you do not want to put off a potential client with open-toed heels showing messy toes.
  • Do not over-accessorise: Accessories should neither overpower nor announce your outfit. Subtle and silent jewelry will always do the trick!

For Men:

I have always been of the notion that men have it very easy when it comes to fashion or appearance. There are a few things that could make a man look inappropriately dressed – once their clothes have been neatly ironed, they will look sharp wherever they find themselves!

  • Avoid ankle socks: Gentlemen, when you cross your legs and the pants slightly slip back, there should be no skin showing. Your socks need to be an appropriate length to make this possible.
  • Be mindful of your facial hair:  Your facial hair is not meant to overwhelm your face. A full bushy beard does not work for everyone, in the same way some haircuts are not for everyone. What works is determined by your face shape and features.

Look your best while you do your best! I hope these tips get you looking smart and professional this week and beyond.


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