On the 12th of October Prince Charles Afedzi-Hayford wrote a petition to the Ghana Labor Commission to audit laws. Which was for the operation of foreign companies. The petition follows many cases of Ghanaian employees being maltreated. And it has been featured in news bulletins and media headlines across the country.

The author of the petition, Mr. Prince Afedzi-Hayford, outlined personal experiences he had lived through. Describing these experiences as suffering, Mr. Afedzi-Hayford pointed out that many vulnerable and voiceless Ghanaians have experienced similar predicaments.

Per the petition most employees have no knowledge of the channels of redress. And the petition highlighted people who were aware of these channels. The fear of being dismissed by foreign companies operating in Ghana were their main concern.

According to Mr. Afedzi-Hayford, “This major hindrance has hampered the commission from ensuring the employee rights of ordinary Ghanaian employee”.

The petition to regulate foreign companies operating in Ghana calls for auditing their current state of compliance. And to stop all those who are not operating within the dictates outlined in the labor acts. And to bring to book foreign companies operating in Ghana who perpetrate unfair labor practices and other dehumanizing activities.

In a conversation with Mr. Afedzi-Hayford, called on all HR stakeholders in Ghana to support this petition to aid Ghanaian employees.HGFDSA