As the year comes to an end and we anticipate the beginning of a new year, it is time for a performance review of your closet. You need to assess the outfits that worked best for you in the past year, those that got missing in the mix, and the ones that have potential to shine in the coming year.

 If you are one to hog your assets, you may not see the need to de-clutter your closet. It helps to think about it as a way to make room for more opportunities in the form of clothes! We will share a number of ways to identify what will make the cut in your Closet Performance Review. After this, you may identify some gift items or even some clothing articles to thrift.

Clothes you wore just once: When you pick up a shirt that makes you say “oh wow- I have not seen this in ages”, that shirt is probably not meant for your closet. Your clothes should be worn often enough to have relevance to you. If you have clothing items that you did not know you had, that is an indication that it needs to go.

Clothes you wore every week: If you have any clothes you wore as often as every week, they are probably tired, or have lost their colour. Some clothes, depending on what it is made of, can last a very long time. Cotton fabric can look worn out if washed and ironed too many times. If any clothes came to mind as you read that sentence, feel free to toss that outfit in the “Give Away” pile.

Clothes you do not fit into now: To be very honest, anything you are not wearing now, could be another person’s answered prayer. Holding on to an item of clothing because you believe you will “Grow into it” or “lose weight into it” could be living in denial. More often than not, you will only wear the clothes that are a perfect fit for you now. Fish out those shirts, trousers and dresses that have not been the right fit for the most part of the year and quickly tuck them away in the “Give Away” pile.

Clothes you can re-work: Some clothing items give room for innovation and creativity. Cutting off the collar on an office dress shirt can completely transform it into a Chinese-collared shirt. Adding buttons to a plain tee could perk it up into a simple work blouse. Identify those items that can be given a zest of life and give them a first-class return ticket to your closet!

Ahead of the new year, clean your closet in your quest to look and bad shopping decisions and face the repercussions. There is no shame in realizing that you never got round to wearing that outfit that you convinced yourself you would. Try not to thrift or gift out damaged or tattered clothes. If you would not re-buy it, do not give it. Cheers to an honest and thorough performance review; closet edition!


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