Style is expression. It is a combination of our dressing, how we talk and our body movements. It is also an outward reflection of your inner personality. Most people attribute style to their favorite designer brand, a fashionable coat, modern haircuts and Ferragamo dress shoes – but it is more than that. Style is what makes a person; it is what makes you, you.

Fashion is what trends in the clothing industry. It consists of clothes, accessories, shoes, items you buy in stores etc. Fashion outdoes itself and is not the same as style. Fashion is the steak and style is the sizzle. You could have fashion and not have any style.

To discover your style, you need to understand what complements you. There are some distinct factors that influence your personal style and they include: Physical Characteristics, Environment, Preferences and Financial Resources. To assist you in discovering your style, here are a few things to consider;


This is the foundation of your personal style. It is the combination of your physical attributes such as body size, color, height etc. If you look terrible in tight, hip-high jeans, wearing them isn’t going to make you stylish, whether or not they are in vogue this year. You have to wear what’s right for your body type and complexion. You need to identify what style suits or matches your physique


It is important to identify your industry and what style suits you best. Factors such as climate and weather will influence your style, choice of fabric and color. Also, your social environment and financial expectation will determine the “flavor” in your wardrobe. Suit and Tie or pumps and pencil skirts are not suited to everyone in the corporate space.


What are your style needs? How do you want people to identify you? What message do you want to send out with your outfits? Your clothes can express your personal tastes and feelings. A suit-wearing man who wants to avoid the plain uniform look can change his lapels pins, shirt collars and add cuff links, or simply choose unique patterns of suit materials. Little add-ons like a pocket square or a pair of well-polished double monk strap dress shoes can turn any outfit into an expression.


When you have identified your style influences, look at the availability of resources. A custom-tailored suit is a great piece of clothing to have – and an expensive one. When you are on a limited budget, you need to pick and choose your clothes carefully. Suits and jackets can be worn with different styles of shirts beneath them, making them a flexible option for a wardrobe. And while unusually large or small individuals may need their clothing tailored from scratch, most individuals can find off-the-rack or even thrift store clothing that will fit with some small, affordable adjustments.

If you are looking to become more stylish in your day-to-day activities, here are eight quick tips that can get you started in the right direction.

  1. Perform a wardrobe audit
  2. Learn about style
  3. Gather inspiration
  4. Figure out what you like
  5. Dress your age
  6. Find a signature piece
  7. Discover what looks good on your body
  8. Shop the basics first

Always remember that you are a definition of your style. The little details like confidence matter, so own your style!


Wardrobe Stylist,

Duke Kay Styling



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