Organisations are utilising agents of change more often than ever, with the number of change management leaders doubling in the past four years,
according to the Change Management Institute (CMI) 2014 Employment Study.

When recruiting for managers to oversee these changes, experts advise that companies should look for change agents with experience in the company’s field.

On the subject, Dr. Elizabeth Short, Senior Change Manager and Portfolio of Change Lead at Westpac Institutional Bank says, “I often end up pulling people in from the business. “These are projects for the business and these people understand the business; they know all the people. All they needed to do is learn how to manage change and all the steps involved. In the financial world, where I currently am, knowing the business is a blessing because it’s a complex world. By and large, you prefer someone with that experience.”

The study also outlined the ability to write well and engage stakeholders; impressive presentation skills, especially when trying to persuade senior managers; willingness to listen and perceive any possible reasons for resistance; time management skills; some L&D knowledge to facilitate communication and
employee training as other traits that make an exceptional change agent.



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