Many organisation’s are moving away from hierarchical structures to building a more agile working culture that focuses on the organisation’s ability to transform itself to meet changing demands. As employers turn their focus to employee experience, more are considering exactly how and where employees do the work that needs doing. This requires organisations to establish an optimal workforce that best matches the demands placed on the business. It is no longer about redesigning process. It is really around reimagining the work. Do workers gather on a campus or at multiple, scattered locations? Do people use virtual tools, like video, to connect and collaborate? HR professionals must keep these questions in mind as they design culture.

Agile work as many know it, or atypical work as is common in many Western countries, is not a process but a culture, and once HR professional begin to see that and work towards it, we are in business.

It is not easy to move away from what you know or what you are used to, but if even one organisation has succeeded in implementing Agile working, then your organisation can too. The key to starting is actually starting, and benchmarking with similar organisations as yours. That also means HR may be held accountable for more aspects of the employee experience than it may have been in the past.

In the Q2 edition of the HR Focus Africa Magazine, we are challenging organisations to Nix the 9-5 because Atypical working has come to stay. We also bring you inspiring spotlights and features from organisations and personalities who are breaking barriers.

As usual, you cannot miss the HR Mélange section, which is packed with goodies on health, finance, diet, the Corporate Me Column, and many more.

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