Everything you have wanted and imagined to have is yours for the taking if only you “THINK YOU DESERVE IT.” Whatever you will yourself into getting or receiving is activated by a centrally attracted energy-concentrated zone called POSITIVE THINKING.


Consequently, in order to achieve a 360 degree life of your “CHOICE,” it is incumbent on any individual to constantly surround yourself with thoughts that set off other positive thoughts.

In sharp contrast with cultivating winning and successful habits in HR, it has become imperative to be equipped with cutting-edge industry tools which will leave you indispensable to your co-workers, your line manager and your professional compatriots in other organizations.  The right attitude and positioning pretty much determines, to a very considerable extent, how practically relevant you turn out to be on the HR playing field. A healthy positive attitude will consequently attract to your circles the right caliber of co-workers that are going to rub off you with the necessary assistance and competencies to plummet you up your career path.

Equally worth mentioning is the art of team volunteerism at the workplace, which is more often than not shunned by young entrants or even those already on the job. The single act of putting oneself up for executing a task either in teams or within a larger office space and actually doing a good job is a sure way to making yourself marketably visible for present opportunities or future recommendations.

You also need to be around people who serve as catalysts to propel the right amount of vibration your way into attracting these goodie bags into your life. However, the most unpleasant of thoughts you have in your own little moments with yourself is magnified overtime and serves you a plate of distasteful surprises.

The onus therefore lies on each and every one of us to churn out good thoughts to bring forth pleasant experiences in our lives on all human fronts vis-à-vis the HR arena, which mirrors all other professions.



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