In the second quarter (2013) edition of the MM Focus magazine, we brought you polls on which radio station people considered their favourite and why they loved these stations.

In this edition, we flip the coin to the audio-visual side – the television. We had some of our journalists go round and ask people what their best TV stations are. Though people had varied reasons why they prefer one TV station over another, one thing held true, the Ghanaian TV viewer has metamorphosed from the “anything goes personality” to “I decide what I watch personality.”  They have become more aware of the unlimited content available to them and this can be attributed to the current rise in the number of TV stations in the system. With a decoder for example, one is exposed to so many channels and is spoilt for choice. Gone are the days when there was only one TV station; monopoly has lost its place to variety and more informed decisions.

Here are some of the reasons people gave for choosing a particular television station;

Naa Adorkor

“My favourite TV station is NET 2. I enjoy a love and hate relationship with the station because they are not conventional. NET 2 is on its own “cloud nine”. Its programmes are very interesting, especially the morning talk shows in both English and Twi. Even though I do not speak and understand Twi very well, I tend to flow with the passion of the speakers as the debate gets heated and if I am lucky to get a Fante man on board the show who throws in bits of English here and there, then I am the happiest. At this point I have the topic well in hand and the debate becomes very clear to me. Also, NET 2 has a radio station as part of their network and it is interesting to see their radio panelists on TV as well. Its news session is very informative, they report on everything they come across and are actually quite objective in their reportage.

A very entertaining TV station running in its own direction, sometimes controversial, but that is what makes them unique!”

Grace Asem

I really love Viasat 1. They blend both foreign and local programmes. Their programmes are really interesting and educative. I also like the way they present their news, although I must admit that their set looks pretty fake.

Gifty & Charity

Viasat 1 – Because they show very exciting and educative programmes

Blossom Osman

Viasat 1 is my best TV station. They do less of political programmes and their programmes cut across all age groups.


TV3‘s programmes are educative and fun. They are my favourite. I like their reality shows like Mentor, Ghana’s Most Beautiful and The Pulpit. I think they meet various needs by doing that.

Solomon MacCarthy

Viasat 1 is the station for me. Their programmes fit the times they telecast them. It suits my mood perfectly.


I love to watch movies and Net2 satisfies that need. I switch to their channel at a particular time in the day and hurray, there shows a movie! I also love them because of the foreign content in their programmes.

What is your favourite television station and why do you like that particular station? Share with us in the comments section!


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