In today’s competitive business landscape, effective performance management is essential for success. At Multimedia Ghana, the Chief HR Officer, Nana Elegba, is spearheading a transformation in the way performance is managed within the organization.


Traditionally, performance management at Multimedia Ghana was a manual process. However, the company has acquired a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that has performance management embedded in it. This has enabled the company to move away from the manual way of doing things and towards a more robust and efficient system.


With the new software, performance targets are set at the beginning of the year and monitored on a regular basis. This ensures that employees are held accountable for their performance and that their progress is tracked throughout the year.


In addition to the new software, Multimedia Ghana is also placing a greater emphasis on performance-linked pay. This means that employees are rewarded for good performance. The company uses a combination of incentives to reward employees, such as gift vouchers and other forms of recognition.


The combination of the new performance management software and a focus on performance-linked pay is designed to create a culture of high performance at Multimedia Ghana. By making rewards visible and linking them to performance, the company is motivating employees to achieve their goals.


The transformation of performance management at Multimedia Ghana is a positive step towards creating a more high-performing organization. By embracing new technologies and aligning rewards with performance, the company is well-positioned to achieve its strategic goals.


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