Hello Perry, I will be half way around the world by the time you get to reading this. I have been called to the office at Luxemburg for an emergency meeting concerning the company summit this month. From there, I would go to the head office in UK for a workshop. Since I will not be around to spearhead the publicity and launching of the summit, I am putting you fully in charge of all the activities. You know how to contact me if you meet any road block. However, I must let you know that my meetings are going to be very intensive, contact me only when it is absolutely necessary. Hold the Fort till I get back.

 From all indications, Perry has an arduous task ahead of him. We recommend these tips:

  1. Be a leader not a boss

There is a big difference between a boss and a leader. A boss pushes people around and a leader holds everyone together. As you have been put in charge, it is imperative to communicate that well to your team members. Let them know you are taking over as a leader, not a boss.

  • Respect your Elders

There may be some people who have been in the department longer than you have. The possibility of those people making you feel inadequate is high. However, you still need their expertise on certain issues when you hit a road block so you need to appreciate their involvement. That notwithstanding, you have to be firm in your decision making, let them know you know what you are about or they may bully you.

  • Reshuffle your team

Team building is one of the most effective ways of achieving any task. Let your team members know that this is “an all-hands-on-deck” project. Some people in a department may never want to try other people’s roles because they feel it is difficult. This could be an opportunity to swap roles temporarily so other members can have new challenges to deal with.

  • Break the tradition

When people are used to doing things the old way, introducing new ideas may be a little difficult to grasp. They may want to stick to what they know because they are afraid to fail. However, sticking to old traditions could rob you of setting a new pace. Try new things, break the status quo and set a new benchmark for yourself.

  •  Appreciate the Team’s Effort

At every point, be sure you are up-to-date with the progress of your team. Encourage those who are falling short and pat the backs of those making headway with their tasks. You should not let anyone feel left behind in the team’s effort to achieve these tasks. After these charges have been successful, go out and celebrate as a way of appreciating the efforts of the team.

As you effectively deliver on the tasks that have been assigned to you, you will realise that this will prepare you for more challenging roles in the future. Someday, when you eventually take over as manager, you will be able to perform expediently without breaking a sweat.

All the best, Perry!


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