It is not a new ideology that everyone is unique in their own way. In this article, we will speak to the varying body types there are, and how best you can enhance your body type even in the corporate world. 

I will get straight into it: From research results, there is a lot more detail when it comes to female body-types than male body-types – but that is ok. This article will come in two parts, and will have enough information for everyone.  

There are three main classes of body, with a general idea of what they mean, and how it categorizes body-types. 

  • Ectomorph: Lean and Long, with difficulty building muscle
  • Endomorph: Big, high body fat, open pear-shaped, with a high tendency to store body fat
  • Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells. 

All body types easily fall within these three categories, based on your diet, muscle build or birth – in other words, these three categories are offered on a scale, not clear-cut groupings.

No matter your body type, certain prints and cuts will give different visual effects, expanding or reducing the size of a particular attribute: repeating, thin, vertical lines slim you; patterned bottoms make your legs look smaller. Skinny jeans widen the torso and midsection, as they slim the legs.

Type 1: The Average Build

There is a natural visual balance between your upper body and your waist, so wearing something slightly oversized or something slightly skinny are not going to mess up your visual proportions too much.  The Type 1 body shape is also quite flexible when it comes to wearing prints. While there are, usually, general rules regarding what should be avoided by the various body types, this shape has the visual balance to pull off either horizontal stripes or vertical stripes, while not appearing stretched out (in the case of vertical stripes) or widened (in the case of horizontal stripes). It is a better option to emphasize your slight definition to look lean and athletic. For formal events, tapered trousers and jackets will emphasize the outline of your shape in a positive way.

Type 2: The Inverted Triangle

Considering your chest is broad, the conventional wisdom is that you should wear a v-neck. In theory, this creates a natural visual line that narrows your chest and draws the eye to your trim waistline. Even better, you can opt for crewneck shirts that utilize graphics, or horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes broaden the figure. Always look for shirting that can accommodate your broader upper body, chest and arms, 

When it comes to bottoms, look for “slim” items, but not skinny. This does not mean you should only wear straight leg trousers, just be mindful not to patronize “too skinny” trousers. when too skinny is, well, too skinny. For suiting, opt for double breasted suits, dark colored, or unstructured suit. 

Type 3: The Rectangle

When it comes to bottoms, you should opt for a skinnier pant. This way, you are creating an inverted triangular line that goes from your chest to your bottom. Fortunately, considering this figure is generally lean looking, you are able to be flexible with what you wear, and still look skinny. When buying things off the rack, you can look for “slim fit” items, especially when it comes to button-downs and suit jackets.

Type 4: Triangle

Like all the other body types, you are looking for visual balance. While your shoulders are narrow as compared to your midsection, focus on adding structure to the upper body. This means do not opt for billowy shirting. Pay attention to color. There is a reason black has been popular for so long—it is a slimming color. Dark colors, like charcoal, navy, and of course, black, instantly slim visually. 

Being monochromatically dressed further streamlines your silhouette. If you prefer to wear a print, vertical stripes are a solid solution, whereas horizontal stripes will leave you looking wider than before. Looking at suiting, cop a single breasted, two button suit. Not only is it the most streamlined suit, but its universal appeal and simple style makes it something that is a smart buy for any body type. 

These are blanket points that can help you, once you can identify the broader parts of your body. In the next article, we will talk a lot more about women body types, and how women can take advantage of clothes to show a balanced body frame. 



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