Climbing the corporate ladder can be tough but it is certainly achievable. Here are some keys for you to live by as you climb the corporate ladder.

Be Encouraged

Are you going through some stressful moments at your place of work? Do you feel weak and broken as a result? Do you want to take a drastic decision?  If so, hold on! Know that you will go through difficult circumstances, trials, and crises at work. When these occur, do not spend all your time asking God: “Why me?” What you are going through is not going to kill or destroy you! On the contrary, it will mould, purge and strengthen you to become AN OVERCOMER! Ask God to give you His grace, which will always be sufficient for you to go through any experience and come out stronger and wiser.

No Pain No Gain

Do you feel you are being unfairly over used in your workplace to do more than you are being paid for? If so, take heart! In God’s perception, He is using what you perceive as “overwork” to sharpen your skills and talents to cutting edge levels! So change your defeatist perception and allow yourself to be “used.” Know that experience and outstanding skill can never be quantified in monetary terms! But before you attain these, you have to continue practicing in order to become a master of your craft. So brace urself up and go through God’s training to make you outstanding in future in order to reap more money and wealth than you can ever imagine!

Strength to Endure

People sometimes tell me: “You do not know what I go through at work! What you are sharing are only words!”  I know that it is difficult to smile through the tears and laugh loud at the confusion, but it all happens for a reason. Remember that Jesus even wished that His cup of suffering could pass Him by, but eventually God’s will was more important to Him than His own. What should you do when you find yourself going through difficulties in your job? Do not get agitated! Instead, choose to learn from Jesus who asked for nothing but the Father’s will to be done.

Be a Mentor

A trainee is taught by a master not to live as a trainee forever, but to graduate from that stage to become a master who can train others as well. It is never easy to submit to criticism and hard training, but learn to be patient, sail through and you will one day use the knowledge you have acquired to also mould new minds to carry on the mantle.

Life and Workplace Tests

To ensure that you are perfectly trained in life’s classroom, you have to be tested. Consequently, always strive to consistently excel in all you do. Your life trainers will take you through several life tests in order to qualify you for higher levels. How prepared are you for these tests? As you go through your life and work place tests, adopt an attitude of patience and submission to see you through.

Team Player

Do you regard your contributions in the workplace over and above that of every one else? If so, then you are not a team player! Everyone’s contributions and perceptions at work are necessary to implement the vision at hand, so start respecting what others do around you. Be a team player! Learn to appreciate the valuable contributions of others. Take your example from the harmony the Trinity portrays: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are always at work together to create perfection in our lives.

Fruit of the Spirit

Let your life in the workplace project Christ to your employers and colleagues. To do so, you must consistently meditate on the Word in order to submit to the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit and showcase the fruit of the Spirit.

Let us begin to work together in our organisations as one body, each part playing its unique role to achieve a common goal. Have a good day!

Courtesy Priscy Writes Ministries.



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