Working tirelessly to produce the top notch HR and MM Focus magazines gives the Focus Digital Team (FD-Team) very little time to hang out. However, when the opportunity presents itself, we go all out and make the most of it. This was the case when on December 4, 2015; Lakeside did us the honour hosting us at the Lakeside Marina Park.

For people like us who live on the other side of town, where cars, traffic and fumes are a daily occurrence, going to the Marina Park was a great escape for us. On our way, we took a route that unfortunately was a wrong turn. Not wanting to admit that we were somehow lost in Accra of all places, we consulted Google Map which proved to be a saviour. The excitement of getting lost gave us the needed adrenalin for the Marina Park experience. Once we were back on the road, we kept seeing the usual; people, houses, etc , and I must say, nothing prepared us for the breath taking spectacle that was before us. A lake; located in the most unexpected place in Accra, Ashaley Botwe. Awestruck would be an understatement if one wished to describe the looks on our faces.

We were greeted by the not so large water body which served as one of the many little wonders of the facility. Entering the facility gave us a better view of the lake, which boasted of Pedallo boats and one canoe for water fun rides. Patrons were already queuing to have a feel of the cruise as we settled in. The park also has a larger-than-life two storey slides, which is about six meters high; children’s swings and play sets, as well as adult fitness play sets.

Obed (one of my colleagues) almost bit his lips in agony as he spotted the ultra-smooth walkway for strolling, which would have been a wonderful path for his roller blades, nonetheless. One of the many charming sceneries of the park, as we observed, were the well-manicured lawn, flower garden, plants, and water garden. The lawn served as a playing field for some patrons who engaged in volley and football games.

At a point, the team of ten dispersed into smaller groups so we could have a thorough tour of the facility before we left. Kuukuah, Revina and I took a detour to the nine-hole mini-golf court. As we took turns to indulge in the sport, we understood why Tiger Woods made all his millions: the game was not as easy as it looked. After a short game, where Kuukuah emerged winner, Revina decided to relive her childhood fantasies by going up on the two storey slide. After four giddy slide downs, she was convinced she was too old for this and left the fun for the children.

Meanwhile, Obed had consoled himself with a ride in the remote controlled car and seemed to be content as he waved passed us on the mini-raceway. Our small group made its way to the club house through the cozy summer huts and nicely paved stone paths. We chanced upon some of the guys from our team who were busily engaging  in  games such as table soccer and table tennis at the side of the club house, which has been designated for board games. The club house also spotted a food court and a service kitchen. To maintain the family friendly atmosphere, the food court only sold non-alcoholic beverages, as we were later told.

The height of our one day adventure at the Marina Park was accomplished when our group made its way to the 9D cinema.  In fact, there are some things that are best understood when experienced rather than narrated, and we were all in total accord as we made our way out of the 9D cinema after it had been “tried and tested.”

It is quite annoying how time flies when you are having so much fun. But we had to leave the park, unfortunately, as it was getting dark. After offering our gratitude and saying goodbye to our hosts, we took a group photograph to commemorate our wonderful adventure to this incredible place…The Lakeside Marina Park.

Author’s Note

Sometimes, work can distract us from having a balanced life. Recreation is a wonderful way of getting that equilibrium back into your life. If you ever wish to escape Accra Main without going too far from the capital, Lakeside Marina Park is the place to be. Reading or hearing about it is not enough! As Bob Nester Marley rightly puts it, “He who feels it, knows it!”



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