We are in the 21st Century, and information sharing is the ‘in-thing’. Being one of the most reliable, well-resourced platforms on the internet, Google has developed past a power-house search engine into a multinational technology company that specialises in all forms of internet services and products. They have become a well-spring of data that feed internet users with authentic information, making “Google it” the answer to any question.

Google seems to have all the answers. When it comes to people management and work culture, they appear to be on top of their game! And yet, many institutions seem to be at their wit’s end when it comes to company culture and people management. Let’s ask Google, shall we?

Google has managed to maintain a steady growth in workforce since its inception over 19 years ago. The company has experienced rapid growth, triggering a chain of products, acquisitions and partnerships that have expanded the company’s core product; the Google search engine. With this expansion, there have been proportionate increase in Google’s workforce.

The Google workforce, who are identified as ‘Googlers’, has been very vocal about the perks and challenges of working with Google. From Google’s perspective, they have thought through various ways to increase productivity in workers. At Google, you will find the following physical amenities for use by Googler.

  • Free healthy food and snacks:

Google provides a new menu for workers daily, giving Googlers a variety for breakfast, lunch and supper.

  • On-site entertainment:

Googlers have access to a wide range of entertainment: a rock-climbing wall, table tennis, video games, music studio, boxing ring, among others. With these entertainment options, Googlers have the option of taking a break from work or getting inspiration for the job at any point in time.

  • Laundry service and carwash:

On the Google campus, Googlers have access to free laundry services, and free carwash services.

  • Privacy and relaxation at will:

There are private cabins available to Googlers, where they can seclude themselves to work or catch a quick nap. Google is known to go above and beyond for its employees to build the company culture and the workforce’s productivity. Apart from the physical amenities that are designed to keep Googlers working comfortably in the office for long hours, Google has an equally conducive intangible work environment:

  • True flexibility and the freedom to create:

Many institutions brag about providing their employees with flexible hours, but Google does this on a different level. According to Google, by giving Googlers the freedom to explore how they would like to work to maximise productivity with flexible schedules and the ability to work on their own terms, their creativity and productivity has been unparalleled.

  • The people and their expertise:

There is a school of thought that says Google is great because of its people. The company has rigorous hiring process that sieves out the best of the best. Despite this, the hiring process ensures that Googlers are warm and humble. By working there, you will have access to experts in almost every technological field. This makes it easier to grow in knowledge and increases the tendency of producing cuttingedge ideas.

  • Alignment with employee’s wants and needs:

Google shows that it understands Googlers’ needs by providing ways of meeting all other needs outside of work. When you know that your employer is concerned about your lonely pet at home or your overflowing laundry baskets, you will be mindful to give off 100% output at work!

  • Growth mindset and trust:

Googlers are smart, high achievers, who are humble and always looking for ways to improve themselves. By this, they work to improve the company as well. Googlers are trusted by their employers and have been given the ticket to increase creativity and go above-and-beyond in performance.

  • A Clear Purpose:

Above all Google has a clear and direct: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

It is both the tangible and intangible that make up a work culture and it is not surprise Forbes Technology Council named Google as the tech company with the best corporate culture. Although Googlers have shared the down sides of having a wholly demanding job, often, their employers help them feel fulfilled in their work. So, if you are not convinced that your workers will be productive with all these perks and positives, just ask Google.

By Ewurabena Neequaye


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