“The successful warrior is an average man, with laser-like focus.” -Bruce Lee

I once heard a brief yet profound quote which impresses me all the time – “Where focus goes, energy flows.” This quote can be attributed to each person’s output in life.

My personal experience

As a writer, an unproductive season in my career is when I get distracted by multiplicity of competing responsibilities and pressures. During such periods, instead of channeling my energy towards meeting deadlines, marketing my services, attending to assignments, and creating quality content for my blogs, I end up doing otherwise. Whenever distraction sets in, my creativity, passion and motivation spots are always at their lowest. I have realised this trend is negatively impacting my revenue generation.

Conversely, during my productive season, I remain focused on the task at hand, and this has a direct bearing on my performance.

When distraction sets in           

One’s focus becomes zero after yielding to distraction. Distraction is relative and may come in varying forms and degrees. Usually, people get distracted during work; while seated behind the desk at work, their minds are miles away.

Some employees are known to make mistakes in the course of performing their duties. The reality is that some of these mistakes happen because an employee got distracted by either a work-related or non-work related challenge.

The point is that, once distraction gets in the way and we get comfortable with it, we are faced with the consequence. For instance, Nana Yaw, never meets deadlines. He frequents social media sites with the idea that the scheduled date is far ahead. He ends up giving flimsy excuses when it is time for submission.

 Focus is vital

In virtually every facet of life, including the pursuit of personal development, relationship building, and career related goals, focus is vital. The efficacy of focus is projected so beautifully in Alan Pariser`s assertion: “The sun’s energy warms the world. But when you focus it through a magnifying glass it can start a fire. Focus is so powerful!”  

The acronym F.O.C.U.S can make a world of difference in your chosen field of work.

F – Follow, O – one, C – course, U – until, S – successful (Follow one course until successful). Following a similar train of thought, Timo Kiander opined: “So rather than trying to do too many things at once, switch over to a mindset of focusing on just one thing while you are working.” Guard your focus. Do not give up on your career pursuits. Admittedly, there will be occasions where you will be tempted to take a detour. Maintain your focus nonetheless.

Do you want to climb high the corporate ladder? Do you want to invest in building your knowledge, skills and competences? Do you want to be better at your job? Are you working towards meeting a sales quota or exceeding it by a certain margin? Are you working towards meeting a particular deadline? If your answer to any of the questions asked  is in the affirmative, you must guard your focus with passion. It is important that you maintain your focus in the pursuit of your goals, dreams and aspirations. Maintain your focus on the task at hand and you will most likely see signs of progress in your career pursuits.

Written by Daniel Dela Dunoo

(Writer, Blogger, Professional marketer)


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