Every employee (especially at the Management level) does practically understand the empirical importance of COMMUNICATION at the workplace. The advent of COVID-19 has triggered Managers and Leaders of organizations to step up their efforts to create a seamless working environment for their Staff.

The unavoidable circumstance that has caused most organizations to largely operate from their homes has engineered the need to have employees (and Management for that matter) figure out win-win and workable ways of constantly oiling the wheels of communication amidst all the disruptions that are attendant with working remotely to mention but a few.

The Collaborative Working Environment (CWE) software can replicate most of the physical working environments. Microsoft Team/Slack/SAP come with functionalities such as Video/Audio Calls, Remote Assistance, Resources Sharing, Document Approval Process, Instant Messaging, and a host of others. Microsoft Teams grew by 894% in total from the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 to June 2020. Slack grew by 180% during last year. There is a good reason why these CWE companies experienced these high amounts of growth as they have greatly facilitated work across the board from small companies to huge corporations which is really what is needed in getting work done in real time.

Any CWE software has packages for small, medium, and largescale organizations. Surprisingly, these services are relatively cheaper when you compare the savings and the benefits your organization will make in the long-term. CWE software can automate most of the physical processes at the workplace for the employees, even for those folks who are not physically present at the workplace. This software takes the off the physical component aspect of almost any work process and presents the employee with the tools to collaborate on projects and resources, just as they would have done in person. Suffice is to say at this point that investing in a CWE software will not only cut down wasted time but go ahead to with time increase productivity even post- COVID-19.

To get the best out of the CWE software, managers need to sit with their bottom-line and define their workflows without even considering the CWE software. The definition of these workflows will give the employees the first hand training and knowledge on how the organization wants to automate their processes. These inputs from the employee will eliminate the unnecessary and mundane routine in getting results from daily activities.

In conclusion, since communication has long been the lifeline of every organization (even before the rude awakening the pandemic has bedeviled us with), we all owe it to ourselves to now more than ever decipher new and smart ways of cutting down stress for everybody by using great software’s that make our lives a whole lot easier whilst giving our shareholders a pleasing ROI.


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