A survey report released by TINY pulse has revealed that employees in the Construction, Consumer products and services, Technology and Software, Media and Entertainment, and Hospitality industry, among others, are the happiest.

The report surveyed more than 30,000 employees from more than 500 companies on their overall job satisfaction.

According to the report, there are two major factors driving workplace happiness: Satisfaction with peers and colleagues, and satisfaction with the nature of one’s individual projects. Other variables included work environment and quality of management teams.

David Niu, Founder and CEO of TINY pulse said, “These findings are remarkable because they show me that any leader, no matter the industry that they are in, has the power to make workplace changes to materially impact job satisfaction.”

Some reasons given for satisfaction at the work place was, “I work with great people,” “I’m excited about my work and projects,” “I enjoy positive work environments,” “I feel recognized and appreciated,” “I am tasked with a variety of projects.” Others cited autonomy and freedom, respectful management and growth in company as their reasons for being happy at work.

A Harvard Business Review has found that low-level employee engagement within companies can result in a 33 percent drop in operating income and an average decrease in earnings growth of 11 percent

Companies are advised to figure out which responsibilities employees love and which are bringing them down and either make changes to their assignments or wait for a better job to open up in the company. With this, employees will get the professional growth they are seeking, and the company gets to keep its rock-star employees. It’s a win-win.

Source: www.entrepreneur.com


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