If your office requires you to put on a uniform, you are among the lucky ones! Life gets a little complicated when you neither have a strict dress code, nor a uniform that you have to mandatorily adhere to. So here is a short list of things that could boost your closet for work:

Blouses: You can acquire five blouses of different kinds to form a solid foundation for your clothes. Five plain coloured blouses, patterned blouses, short sleeved blouses, and long sleeved blouses each, could offer a wide variety of choices that you could choose from for a while. These will work as a perfect substitute to t-shirts that may be inappropriate in some work environments.

Blazers: Blazers do wonders for any outfit! You can wear a blazer over a trash bag and still look like you’re ready for business. Nonetheless, you should wear them with some of the other items on this list. A well-fitted blazer will give a classic look for any occasion. Adding colour variations to your blazers will make you blazer-ready for different occasions. Light coloured blazers will go well with happy and uplifting occasions and dark coloured ones will be perfect for more official or formal occasions. Either way, you will step on the scene looking like a professional, donning a blazer.

Pants *That Aren’t Jeans*: A pair of trousers or leather pants can make a big difference in terms of professionalising your look. Jeans have a more casual or relaxed look and feel to them. Unless “dressing down” is not frowned upon at your workspace, stick to trousers. You could, again, spice up your collection by having both conservative colours and unconventional colours of trousers.

Comfortable Heels: Emphasis on the comfort factor, because if they are not, you may never find the strength or motivation to wear them for a full day at the office. Wearing even a short heel really does add an immense amount of polish to any outfit, not to mention your gait! Heels are known to add on to a woman’s outfit – not just the finesse, but the confidence as well.

Carryalls: One of the most efficient accessories is chic carryalls. By carryalls, we mean a bag that you can carry your laptop and daily essentials in. Your aim is to get one that is not excessively large and restrictive with its space. With bags, it is advisable to limit your colour options to conservative or dark ones. This way, you will not find yourself in a colour-competition with your accessories on a day when you decide to patronize bright coloured clothing items.

Midi Skirts: Midi skirts are great because they are easy to wear. You can style them with sandals, boots, kitten heels, and any top (one of the interesting blouses that came to mind when you read this,) and they give your outfit a calm professional feel.

We hope this list has helped you generate a few ideas. You can have you closet turned around in no time, and we are excited for you on this!

By: Ewurabena Neequaye


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