Don’t be the first to bring up salary, if you can help it.

Do be patient and wait till your interviewer brings up discussions on salary. Ensure your have researched your field and how much your qualifications will earn you in the field before you attend an interview. Bringing up salary may project that you are solely after money.

Do be very aware that the world is a pretty small place and the world of work is smaller. Focus on the positive attributes your boss brought to the job and talk about those.  Also note that your potential employer may side with your previous employer and get the impression that you will be difficult to manage.

  • Don’t be cocky; be confident

Do be self-assured. E.g. Saying “I’ll have your job” when asked about your future career plans shows a good level of confidence. Arrogant and conceited statements will likely not appeal to your interviewers.

  • Don’t feign lack of weaknesses when asked about your short-comings.

Do share a weakness in your past that you have improved or working towards improving. Always be prepared to share some of such weaknesses but make sure it is not a weakness that will directly affect the job.

  • Don’t say “I don’t have any questions for you”

Do prepare some questions to ask during an interview. These questions could be developed from your research on the company; or something an interviewer may have mentioned.


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