Healthy teeth can be at the mercy of sugar intake. A recurring message in Dental Health Education is  “sugar is the cause of tooth decay”. Though this statement is true, most people do not know how to use this information to maintain good dental hygiene. As corporate professionals, your dental hygiene can say a lot about you.

Though majority of us cannot eliminate sugar from our diet entirely, a few people in the current trend of heightened diet consciousness, have managed to successfully do this. If you are interested in taking baby steps towards such a goal, these few tips will be of help to you!

  1. Frequency over quantity: Did you know that the frequency of sugar intake is more damaging than the total amount taken? This simple means, if you ate one bar of chocolate over a day, you will suffer more damage to your teeth than if you had that same chocolate bar in five minutes. By this, you can take sugar less frequently, though in small proportions.
  1. Type of Sugar Consumed: Did you know that sticky sugars like caramel stay much longer around your teeth after initial consumption? These formulations of sugar are therefore more dangerous. it is advisable to limit the consumption of substances containing such sugars.
  1. Time of Day Consumption: Did you know that sugary food as a retiring meal before bedtime is worse than the same meal earlier in the day? Saliva production which dilutes acids produced from sugar in the daytime is much reduced when we sleep.

Don’t give up on your efforts toward healthy teeth. Your professional reputation may depend on it!


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