The path to finding a career you would want to commit to can be tedious. It is important for you to know that you have worked hard, endured and shown dedication when you find that position that speaks to you; both developmentally and personally. You have to realise that you are an asset to your organisation and should apply yourself to your work in that manner. Once the tiring process of applications, sending CVs and asking for referees is rewarded, you owe it to yourself and to the organisation to ensure your career serves you in the long-term plans you have for your life. These are some ideas you may want to govern yourself by to ensure that you are able to be your best self, for the organisation and yourself.

Loyalty to the organisation is primary to your development and career path. Be careful of the relationships you build in the work place. These relationships should not cloud your judgment in the workplace. Despite these relationships, it is worthwhile to speak up if you see something going wrong. You may encounter situations that may seem culturally and morally right but goes against the organisation’s rules of conduct; as a result, it may be difficult to follow and abide by the company’s rules in such a situation. You have to understand that setting behavioral and cultural standards is part of the organisation’s mandate for sustainability. You have to remember that you freely chose to apply to the organisation and as such, must consciously follow these set standards. By doing these, you directly affect both your growth and the organisation’s. An organisation is only as strong as the employees feel.

You have to own your position in the company. Your position as an officer is just as valuable as a manager. You must endeavor to work together with others in the company in order to achieve set goals and targets; team work makes the dream work. Avoid working in silos as much as you can and ask for help when needed. It is better to build together than to build on your own and you will find that what one man can do in years can be achieved much sooner when the tasks are divided and people are held accountable for their parts. Treat others fairly and ensure that you are using the organisation’s resources appropriately.

You must stay brand conscious and ensure you are always making the company proud. You should deem it a privilege to represent your organisation any chance you get. It doesn’t have to be a large corporation with a huge asset base, but if you love what you do, it shows in how you work and people would want to know more about your organisation. The way you associate/disassociate yourself from your organisation clearly shows people whether to do business with you or not. In order to grow globally and to take your organisation to the next level, consider your role in creating a “repeat business” organisation. Your portrayal of the company should be such that it attracts clients who patronise the services your organisation provides.

Always find ways to grow within your role and in the organisation. There are different resources to aid you in selecting courses and types of training you can engage in. You can become the catalyst for change if your company does not provide the training you feel you need to get to your next level. Do research and send recommendations to your Human Resource Manager or your direct supervisor. Making the effort to better yourself sends the right message to employers and even makes you more valuable.

An organisation is as strong as its weakest employee. If the weakest employee is strong and has a clear idea about the next steps in their career path, their role in the organisation, their personal association to the brand, and is able to drive the necessary change, then such an organisation is ready to take the world.

Dear employee, you are an asset to yourself and your organisation and you should walk into your office everyday believing this.

By: Maame O. Boateng


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