Achieving hundred percent employee satisfaction is one of the most difficult things any employer faces. Managers have the responsibility to create an environment where the maximum of its employees will truly find satisfaction and will be glad to report to work each day. A soothing work environment inversely affects productivity levels and efficiency of workers thereby improving the financial prospects of the organization.

The work environment does not only denote the physical geographic space of an organization but goes on to include other aspects such as financial stability and behavioral patterns. Combining these to conducive immediate surroundings will surely help create a motivational, supportive and joyful environment that sees workers give off their best.

  1. The physical edifice

One priority that should never be misplaced is the comfort of the work area. Management has the responsibility to ensure an appropriate, adequate and safe working area. This goes beyond the physical edifice to include what workers wear to work and how they manage their working space. It is for this reasons that organizations prescribe a working gear for workers to help maintain a healthy mental work atmosphere. The office layout and equipments also have noticeable impact on workers and should be planned or used properly.

  • The behavioral pattern

This can be described as the pivot of an attractive work environment. When people from different backgrounds meet, there is the likelihood of values colliding thus, breeding a lot behavioral patterns that can affect productivity. Nonetheless, management can curtail the situation if it creates a culture for the organization. What kind of behavioral practice promotes growth? Though these vary with different organizations, some behaviours cut across;

  • Create an atmosphere of respect and encourage and ensure healthy interactions in the workplace. It is important that the communication that ensue within the organization is one of respect for each other, be it a boss-subordinate relation or subordinate-subordinate relation. An over bearing boss can brew employees who do not give off their best.
  • Encourage creativity and initiatives. Managers should foster an environment that allows employees to be free to come up with new ideas. This can have a positive impact on work done if managers respect and encourage innovations.
  •  Conflicts are bound to erupt between employees and the mechanisms used to resolve them can have a great effect on the entire organization. As delicate as conflict resolution may be, employers need to acquire a crucial skill in settling disagreements. Conflicts are unavoidable therefore, managers should not be afraid when they erupt.
  • One important tool for motivating employees is praise. The few words of recognition or appreciation to employees, especially to those who deliver beyond expectation, can be a great motivating factor for the work they do. Appreciation gives workers a sense of worth.
  • Stress is one of the causes of low productivity and poor quality of output. Sometimes, it is appropriate to create some form of distraction to help reduce the stressful atmosphere.
  • Financial satisfaction

Salary and incentives play a distinctive role in how well your employees perceive their working environment affecting performance. However, salary or incentives based on the time spent on the job rather than the quality of work delivered is not beneficial for increasing employee productivity. Workers are likely to compare their earnings with that of their colleagues in other companies. A wide difference in the salary can affect both loyalty and productivity because they feel cheated and not valued. Nonetheless, increasing salaries with hopes of encouraging higher productivity can backfire. Instead of working together towards a common goal, employees may become more competitive and distrustful of their fellow workers.

You may probably think creating an enabling environment would cost so much that you would want to overlook it. However, it comes with enormous benefits; a staff is motivated to work and stay with your company for long thus, reducing high rate of turnovers and increasing loyalty. There is a high level of job satisfaction amongst workers and the output is of the top quality. The best part is, it breeds discipline amongst employees, diligence, integrity and teamwork.


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