One thing that is definitely for sure is that suits are timeless and offer an ever-classic look. More so, a simple neck tie is not seen as just an accessory but adds all the difference to a man’s outfit. The necktie is known to command more respect for whoever wears it. Depending on the industry you work in, neckties may be mandatory or may seem out of place.

If you need a few more reasons why you should patronize neck ties, here you go!

  1. Confidence: Research has shown a neck tie adds a lot to your confidence as a worker.
  2. Career: In your career, (in the more formal sector), you will be taken a lot more seriously when you appear sharp at all times.
  3. Looking Good: Who wouldn’t want that handsome touch a neck tie comes with? 
  4. The extra mile: Now I will give an extreme example. If you went for a job interview and your interviewers could not decide between you and the other person, your neck tie will be the deal breaker. Trust me on this one.

In this article, we will share some basic things you need to consider when picking out a neck tie. There is a lot to consider when making a decision on neck ties but here are a few helpful points:

  1. The Occasion: formal events such as funerals, dinners, etc. call for bow ties or black neck ties. Other occasions such as; a normal day at work or a wedding, will call for a different colour, type or size of neck tie. Additionally, there is an effect your tie could have on your mood, and for this reason, you need to be mindful of the mood you intend to project.
  • The colour of a tie:
  • Red Ties: Red coloured ties accentuate your outfit and combines well with any suit or tie. They are especially a great match for darker suits and white, blue, or grey dress shirts.
  • Dark Red (Burgundy Ties): This is a classic colour choice. It can be used for casual events (when patterned or striped) and are perfect for formal occasions (when plain)
  • Dark (Navy) blue ties: This is a perfect colour for business occasions. They are lively and yet formal enough to pull of the classic look.
  • Orange, pink and lilac ties: Such colours are usually worn with white shirts. If they are not too bright, they can be worn for formal events.
  • Yellow and Green Ties: These are very bright colours that will go perfectly with a darker suit-shirt combination.
  • Brown Ties: brown ties are best used in informal gatherings and go very well with a blazer jacket. This colour is not good for a job interview or for a reception.
  • Black Ties: These are usually worn with tuxedos, by waiters in restaurants or on the occasion of a funeral. It can be avoided on other occasions.
  • Grey and silver ties: Silver ties go perfectly with a white shirt. You can wear such ties to parties, cocktails, and various celebrations. A grey tie can be worn to work.
  • Multi-coloured ties: This option will work perfectly for men who want to stand out from the crowd. Once this is the option you are drawn to, be sure to keep it classy, as you would not want to look like a rainbow.
  • The size of the tie: There is an art to selecting the tie size you pick. Every neck ties you put on should cover a buckle on your belt – this is a given. When it comes to the width, you are expected to consider your body build or your shoulder width and your height. Here is the rule: the wider you are (or the wider your lapels are), the wider your tie should be. For this reason, it is safe to say that the ‘skinny tie’ will be good on tall skinny men.
  • The pattern of the tie:
  • Solid-colour ties: These are very basic, and the most formal option for a neck tie. They are a great choice because they can be easily matched with other clothing. For your most sleek look, you would like to have a burgundy (wine) or navy-blue neck tie, specially reserved for formal events such as interviews or dinner parties.
  • Striped ties: These are also a classic choice in neck ties but must be chosen with caution. You would not want the colours in your striped tie to clash with your overall outfit. A stripped neck tie could easily go with a white shirt and a black suit. Once you choose to wear a suit and go for a light-coloured suit, you should be careful to match / blend the colours, rather than contrast them.
  • Polka dots, paisley and figure ties: If you are wearing a gloomy coloured suit or shirt, these ties (especially if they are in bright colours) are likely to liven-up your outfit. The reason why neck ties are considered an accessory worthy of note is the addition it makes to your general overlook. If you feel like a polka dot or paisley neck tie, be careful in your choice, unless you deliberately want to stick out or be the centre of attention.

The art of neck tie selection is no mean feat! However, with experience and with the suggestions in this article, you will surely be suited up in no time.


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