It is Christmas and definitely the season to be jolly! We have started decorating our offices and looking forward to running up the year with the much awaited Christmas party. However, some people take advantage of the occasion and overly relax the corporate dress code. While this is somewhat acceptable, you might also want to remember that you still have work to do. Before you go “decking the halls with boughs of holly,” you may want to consider what a no-no for a corporate attire is during the yuletide.

Quit the “Obvious” for a change

If there is anything I despise in this life, it definitely is the “obvious.” Most people fall victims to the “obvious” when it comes to Christmas colours – the green and the red! Who says you can only show your Christmas side by dawning a green and red apparel? It is the season to be jolly and not the season to be funny. Do not show up at the office in any red and green garb all in the name of Christmas. Leave that mishmash to Santa and his little boys from the North Pole. Be innovative; throw in the green or red with other colours to create a Christmassy look without the traditional green-red colour drama.

1st December is not Christmas yet…

For some people, as soon as 30th November hands the baton over to 1st December, it is Christmas already. Well, nobody will have any qualms with you for celebrating Christmas early but do not bring it to work. By this I mean do not lose your corporate attitude by going all casual.

Stop the Repetitive Clothes 

For Pete’s sake! Stop wearing those repetitive clothes haba! Santa is the only one who is allowed to do that. Besides this is 21stcentury Ghana and people have become more modernised and are in tune with today’s fashion. Technology has made it even worse; things that were trendy a year ago may not fit into today’ style. You want my advice; lose the old Christmas clothes and get in style to avoid being a ridicule period. 

No Short Skin tight dresses ladies

Please keep your hemline in check when dressing up for your office party. It is an office party not a girl’s night out. A couple of inches too short or a couple of sizes too tight and you will be shattering your professional character, while being the talk of the evening.  I do not mean that in a good way.

Do not get too carried away with the festive season by doing anything that will shatter your professional life from now to till next season. Have a Merry Christmas!!!


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