We all want the salary increments, promotions and goodies that come with our current jobs and careers. Well, if you want to suceed and stay on top of your careeer game, here are seven valuable relationships to court and persue in your career trajectory:

1.Networking: It is attributed to Les Brown for instructing that ‘Your network will determine your net worth’. A network defines the people in your space, the contacts you keep, the business partners you relate with and the friends you have. At each point, you are an average of the closest people within your contacts, one great mind explains. In our local parlance we make reference to this powerful relationship and call it ‘who you know’. In fact, while ‘who you know’ is important ‘who knows you’ is equally priceless. Having the right people within your closest proximity can impact you in the following ways:

1.Inform the decision you make

2.Impact on your personal and corporate brand

3. Dictate the pace of your growth

2. Mentoring: The classic Greek mythology ‘Odyssey’ presents an intriguing insight into the old age ‘near-paternal relationship’; Mentorship. In the story, King Odysseus leaves his son Telemachus under the care, guidance and tutelage of his trusted friend called Mentor. It happens that the goddess of wisdom Athena disguises herself as Mentor to share insights, wisdom and instructions to Telemachus. The close paternal relationship of Mentor and essentially Athena as Mentor has made the name to be used by the English and French to describe the situation where an experienced person imparts wisdom to a less experienced person often called a protégé or mentee. In your career you will benefit from a mentor in varied ways:

  1. A mentor will guide you to avoid potential pitfalls
  • A mentor will help you to achieve in relatively short time what they spent years to know or achieve.
  • A mentor brings clarity to your vision.

3. Public Speaking: You are a store house of amazing stories, untold speeches and applaud-winning presentations. Public Speaking is a science of having a relationship with communication.

Importantly, it instructs on knowing how to speak with people, stand and communicate in front of small or large groups and your ability to make presentations.

You do not have to ascribe to be in mainstream media before you value public speaking. Having friends who are public speakers is important but not enough, be one yourself. It is a skill that can help you:

  1. Become an authority at what you do
  • Project the intended image of your brand
  • Make applaud winning presentations and pitches.

4. Sales: The sustainability of a company is undergirded by its cash flow principle. From small, medium to large scale organisations, a business without a defining and rewarding revenue stream will hibernate without plan. The sales division of every company is thus priceless, as the cash inflows of the company is what keeps its four (4) wheels moving. For your personal career growth, it is important that you become your own sales man irrespective of the department of the company you operate. Make friends from the sales department to help you  understand the art of selling.

When you capture the sales relationship you:

  1. Will be indispensable in any organization
  • You can sell ice to an Eskimo
  • You make the revenue of the company to be upwardly mobile.

5. Brand Experts: Appearance is important. The term brand stands to present itself to many definitions that underscore authenticity. It transcends beyond a logo, a design, or a symbol. Whiles these elements are important to branding, a brand is who you are and what you stand for. It is the definition you give to yourself and the interpretation of people to who you are. A brand is what people know you for. It is a function of how you present yourself and the mental appeal you invoke in the minds people. A brand dictates the feelings and passion that exudes from people when that brand is communicated.

Make relationships with brand experts to advise you. Very importantly learn the fundamentals and gradually grow to understand Personal branding, Reputational Equity and Brand positioning

6. CEO–  The CEO is the Chief Executive of the company. He is the highest administrator of the organisation. Knowing the ‘boss’ of your company is critical. Know every information possible (within reasonable boundaries) about your CEO and take it to the next level by making sure he or she knows you. What can you do to merit the attention of your CEO?

On the other hand, at every level of engagement with a client, you are the CEO of the company you work for. The client knows no other person but you. To him or her you are the company. The client sees a CEO in you because that’s who you are. What do you think about carrying yourself as the CEO? What will that mean?

It is will advise you to:

  1. Let the burdens of the company be yours.
  • Align your goals to fit in the vision of the company.
  • Work much more than any other staff.

7. Human Resource Manager: The HR is a mid way between the staff of an organization and its management. The HR represents the staff at management meetings and represents the management at staff meetings. Decisions of hiring or recruitment, appraisals, dismissals and recommendations remain a cherished function of the Human resource team. While it is the HR’s role to administer these responsibilities to your benefit, it is important that you have a good relationship with them. While relating with the HR of your company, it is helpful to have good relationships with HR’s of other companies as well.

Essentially, you are the head of your own human resource. Your investment in your personal development may determine your hire or promotion. Your conduct and performance on the job will reflect on your appraisal. When you know you are your own HR, you value growth; you don’t stop learning. You learn from colleagues and senior managers, you read books on your industry and magazines that will inform you, you watch relevant documentary and you do what it takes to be the manager of your human capital. No one can manage your human resources better than you can so why not take charge? As your own HR, you can:

  1. Determine your salary
  2. Influence your promotion
  3. Be the star at your work place.


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