With the increasing economic recession worldwide and the lack of jobs on the market, there has been a resurgence of entrepreneurial spirit, especially among young people, making them create jobs of their own instead of chasing after non-existent jobs to earn funds.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2011 Global Report released on January 19, 2012, finds an upsurge in entrepreneurship around the world – entrepreneurs are now numbering near 400 million in 54 countries. This grants us the opportunity to make future projections of millions of new hires and more job creation in the coming years.

Nonetheless, not all these new jobs survive the test of time due to many reasons. Whilst economic hardship may account for the failure of some start-ups, the attitudes of the entrepreneurs could also be a factor. Most entrepreneurs are forced to wear different hats to be productive and work all day to grow their businesses. However, working round the clock does not necessarily mean being productive and getting your business on course. Dealing with distractions, procrastination and over work can significantly improve the way you work.

What are the right attitudes of successful entrepreneurs? 

The right entrepreneurs set off with the end in mind, FOCUSED. Every successful entrepreneur should have his or her goal clearly defined, put together all resources available and get to work immediately.  The importance of focus cannot be overemphasized thus; you should have a clear sense of importance, commitment and inspiration to work on your chosen project.

When you are in a hurry to realize your dream, the zeal to multitask is very high. However, multitasking does not work for everyone. It is crucial to identify a style that best works for you. You could do a lot of things without necessarily finishing any; however, you can focus on just one task at a time each day and achieve more if you stick to your schedule.

Most entrepreneurs can easily get burned out because of how they work. Take a BREAK, relax. You do not want your toil to be in vain; every day of the week should not be another day at work. You could be working without knowing it because of the constant use of mobile devices. Plan to break and enjoy it.

TECHNOLOGY is the driving force of the economy today and its rightful use would land you in a lot of success. Successful entrepreneurs know when and how to use productive apps to help plan the day and also get things done, instead of making technology a distraction. You always have your smartphone with you; why not put them to productive use to help you become a successful entrepreneur or business professional.

Knowing your weakness and strengths helps you to DELEGATE. Being an entrepreneur does not mean you must do all things. Most successful entrepreneurs know what they are good at and they focus on their strength and delegate their weakness to another person. As the translated Akan proverb says, “the wisdom of the world does not lie in the head of one person.” Successful entrepreneurs always seek assistances.

Find your passion and turn it into a business and it will not feel like work. One of the best ways to be successful and enjoy what you do is to DO WHAT YOU LOVE. You will be more productive if you can focus on your passion. Whiles most successful entrepreneurs have built businesses around what they are good at, others found solutions to problems they encountered and turned into a business. Loving what you do will inspire you to keep doing it even when the world situation is getting tougher.


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