Apex Health Insurance Limited is a commercial member of Liberty Health-South Africa, and is registered as a company limited by liability. It is duly licensed by the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) in accordance with Act, 2012 (Act 852). Apex Health provides medical insurance and medical risk management services through experts with the richest health insurance backgrounds in deciding the best route for navigating health insurances services in meeting the best available international market practices.

Apex Health; Ghana’s most preferred private health insurer has the most reliable products designed to moderate the financial impact of illness and improve healthcare outcomes for its beneficiaries through a network of over 650 healthcare facilities country-wide. Our product includes Corporate Medical insurance, on-site Clinics and Apex international emergency evacuation with destinations to Africa, India etc

In the minds of our customers, we aspire to be a reliable Private Health Insurance Company, a responsive Private Health Insurance Company and a company that acts with professionalism. To do this, we offer unique features such as emergency evacuation, delivering prescribed medication to members at the comfort of their offices, coverage of major disease benefits, provision of telehealth to members and a mobile App that allows individual members to search for facility locations and access their benefits utilization at all times.

Apex Health Insurance operates an effective and efficient electronic claims processing infrastructure which enables the scheme to receive claims in real time with the patient also receiving instant notification of service costs on their mobile phones after service delivery. It also has in-built claims adjudication and fraud detection mechanisms that help significantly in the efficient management of claims hence, control of claims utilization ratio. Health information and statistics of policy beneficiaries (Insured lives) are also generated for management decision making purpose.

As an organisation, we strive to ensure our workers are all in a state of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. We do this by providing a conducive work environment where they can be productive and effective and by providing appropriate tools to work effectively. Our organisation prides itself in an open-door culture that encourages open communication between workers of different levels. Further, we organise annual screenings to ensure our workers are healthy.  We believe the only way to attain anything as an organisation is through investing in our human resources. For this reason, we prioritise the health of our people.

In the next five years, Apex aspires to be the Best Private Health Insurance in Ghana in terms of: prompt claims payment, customer care, benefit innovation, professionalism, and delivering on promises.


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