In the corporate world today, employers may be surprised by the changes that occur in people, especially when they want to leave their current place of employment as compared to the “humble,” “will-do-everything” jobseeker they saw during the job interview. Though this is not a new phenomenon, it is necessary for employers to work at maintaining employee loyalty.

Why should this be so? Because if loyalty erodes, turnover becomes a problem, and the company’s bottom line will take a significant hit from often-overlooked expenses associated with turnover. These include the knowledge lost when an employee leaves; reduced productivity; job posting fees, and screening and interviewing processes.

Of course, working to maintain employee loyalty is no guarantee that your best talents will stay, but in the end, you are likely to retain some, if not all.

This year, HR Focus is proud to have brought you thought provoking articles on “Workforce Planning and Sustainability,” “Driving Employee

Engagement,” and “Work/life Balance” in the Q1, Q2 and Q3 editions of the HR Focus magazine respectively: all facets in an organisation’s operations that work together with employees to keep them loyal. In this edition, we give you a fresher perspective on the theme, “HR Transformation: The Changing Face of HR.”

While you get all the insights and plan for the coming year, flip on to read all the other interesting articles to revamp your corporate
experience as we also give you highlights on the highly acclaimed HR Focus Conference and Awards 2015. Get more tips on Health, Finance and how to invest after retirement: Santa came in early for Christmas!

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