Over the past few years of my work life, I have learnt that attitude is everything at the workplace. Maybe you have not paid attention because you are the “I don’t care” type.  But if you want to climb to the top of your career or have good recommendations for the next job you are eyeing,  then, you need to really care and be intentional to exhibit attitudes of a winner at the workplace.

As an individual, I have risen very fast in my career because of the winning attitudes I exhibit. Of course, no business wants to hire losers. So, the faster you get yourself to act and be like a winner, the better.

So to have a winner’s attitude you need to:

Well, a smile tells a lot about you. It tells that you feel good about yourself, what you do at work and the people around you. People will find you more welcoming and will always want to associate with you because you smile. It is simple, it costs nothing, and achieves great results.

Dress well
Dress to fit what you do and your personality. If you can afford it, stand out with a style of your own. I am known to always be in bright African fabric. It makes it easy for people to identify me and want to know more about me. Having a pleasant fragrance attracts people to you. In an environment where hugging, being in meetings and standing to talk to your colleagues face to face is extensive, it is important to invest in a good mild perfume or   deodorant, and dental hygiene too.

When any general call for volunteers come up and you have the score of time, be the first to volunteer. Do not let people force you to do voluntary activities. If you have an idea that will help your team, share it voluntarily. Be part of some committee or sub-committee at your workplace and be useful there. This will make you an attractive candidate for promotion and can help grow your leadership skills.
When you have something that will benefit your colleagues at work, share. If you come across a document in your personal study and realise it will help others, share. If you have heard some news, which will be beneficial to your team or another team, do not withhold it. Sharing can create a window for you to shine.
Be a confidant.
Do not gossip about other people. If you see something about someone and you want to talk about it, make sure they are there when you do so. If someone told you something and did not ask you to share, don’t. People will trust you if they realise you could be a confidant.
It is okay to make people aware of their mistakes, especially if they affect you directly. But also show that you care in the manner in which you present it. Ask questions like “What happened?” and give people space to explain. Their explanation will not always be reasonable but just listen. When you hear someone gave birth, is having a wedding or has a funeral, be a part of those to give first; send an email to show you care or a phone call to say congratulations. After all, this does not require a lot of effort.
Be good at your work
Improve yourself by reading at least one document, article or journal in your area of work at least once a week. When you speak about what you do, people will notice your brilliance, depth of knowledge and aptitude. Also, there is nothing wrong with asking if you do not know something or asking for something to be repeated if you do not quite get it. Finally…
Let your boss shine
We all like it when others make us feel good about ourselves. Your boss will like it if you genuinely praise them, congratulate them on a good speech or tell them how proud they make you feel that they are your boss.  It does not matter if you are better at your work than your boss.  I am a boss and also a subordinate so I know how it feels on both sides. Your boss will always remember you when he or she needs to recommend someone for   something great.

Go on and be the winner that you already are!

by Robert Akoto Amoafo

Technical Advisor,
FHI 360