Here are 12 employee benefits that could put your company ahead of all others!

  1. Excellent medical, dental and vision insurance may seem obvious, but this is first and foremost in a great benefits package; it is hard to compete if you do not offer desirable essential benefits.
  2. Supplementary insurance allows employees the option to pay for additional insurance like life insurance. This does not cause employers more but increases employee satisfaction.
  3. Unlimited (paid) time off for full-time employees who are performing well. If employees have the freedom of taking time off whenever they need or want it, as long as their job is done, they are motivated to be more productive while they’re in the office.
  4. Remote work options improve employee satisfaction and reduce both management and employee frustration over absences and having to use paid time-off for unavoidable occurrences
  5. Schedule flexibility allows vacation time to be saved for vacations and employees to work hours that are best for them (within reason).
  6. Annual learning or tuition assistance encourages employees to further their education, creating a more knowledgeable workforce.
  7. Providing snacks and drinks and somewhere to enjoy them is a seemingly small benefit but one that employees feel strongly about. Putting these items in a space for employees to relax is better; employees who sit at their desks all day tend to be unhealthier and more frustrated with their jobs.
  8. Discounts on products and services employees need or want is a small but often appreciated benefit that costs little for the employer (sometimes nothing at all). For example, Daycare and housing discounts, technology discounts may be available through the companies you purchase tech devices from.
  9. Company swag may seem silly or unnecessary, a company mug or a branded desk rug for an overachiever may cost you very little compared to how much it will mean to the employee.
  10.  Paid parental leave for new parents. Companies that offer this are 10 steps ahead of the rest.
  11. Parent rooms can bring employees peace of mind when they need it. A private room for pumping mothers or parents to keep their children for a few hours will be appreciated by many parents in the workplace.
  12. College scholarships for children of employees and the opportunity to apply for them annually are a benefit that may encourage employees to retain long-term employment relationships and put their best foot forward.


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